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Women In Combat

Women In Combat

Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of talk about the possibility of future U.S. military drafts including young women in addition to young men. I’ve admired godly male friends who have spoken out vehemently against this and expressed concern about the government trying to press their daughters or wives into service. Some even vowed to lay their lives down protecting their women from having to face the horrors and dangers of war.

But I wonder if these men – husbands, fathers, pastors, elders – know that many of their wives, daughters, and sisters in Christ are already in the trenches fighting off the enemy with every ounce of our strength and every weapon at our disposal.

It’s not a war for territory or political control or freedom from dictatorial tyranny.

It’s a battle for the purity of the Bride. And the souls of our sisters.

Daily. Weekly. At church. On line. In our families. We strap on our Swords, march out to the front and engage in hand to hand combat with the Enemy.

His troops: false teachers.

His weapon of mass destruction: false doctrine.

Sometimes we stand as a shield between grenade-lobbing grunts and weak sisters who don’t know how to fight, or even that they’re in a war. Who want nothing more than to knock us down into the mud as they desert our King and join our foes.

Sometimes we infiltrate the enemy camp to bring back intelligence on his troops to our commanders and generals, only to be ignored, reprimanded, or dishonorably discharged from the unit.

Sometimes we stand as guards at the walls of our churches, watching the adversary advance, sounding the alarm, and standing in stunned disbelief as our commanding officers smilingly welcome the enemy troops through the gate.

Why? Why, in a field of pink, are there so few Green Berets? Why is it that so many women are out on the front lines battling this insidious rival while most of our brothers in arms seem to be AWOL?


As Steve Lawson famously said a few years ago, “Give us some men who know the truth!”

And to that I respond with a hearty amen. But with much love and respect to Brother Steve, I would add:

Give us some men who will DEFEND the truth.

And the weak women the enemy seeks to capture.

And the strong women who should be protected, working safely away from the line of fire to support the troops and nurse the casualties back to health.

Give us men who will…

…thoroughly vet any curricula, books, or materials used by their church’s Bible study classes.

…train all of their church’s teachers to properly handle and exegete the word of God.

…take a close look at the authors of the books and blogs their wives or church members are reading and the speakers at the conferences and retreats they’re attending.

…examine the doctrine of the singers their daughters or youth listen to and the leaders of the youth camps they attend.

…speak out with godly boldness (not jerkiness- godly boldness) against false doctrine and false teachers on social media, in Sunday School, in the sanctuary, in their homes, and in every arena in which they have influence.

…join the few brave brothers who are already standing in the gap to present a united front to ward off the enemy.

Godly men on active duty in their churches, homes, and in the public square are out there. I’m privileged to know several. But they need a bigger band of brothers to join them in fighting the good fight.

We need men who will gird up, gear up, and stand up. Because some women in combat are wounded, battle fatigued, and in need of some R&R. And we can’t keep fighting this battle without a few more good men.

1 cor 16 13

9 thoughts on “Women In Combat”

  1. Very very good posts. We need more men to step up as biblical and Godly men who know Him personally and His Word and know how to use sound doctrines to evangelize, edify, equip and engage false teachers.


  2. I am a man that does stand up for the truth, the truth found only in God’s Word, the Bible. I fight for it, fiercely. I also truly love my wife just as Christ loves His church and yes I would lay down my life for her. I cherish God’s Word and I cherish my wife. There is only one big problem. Try and find a church where a man can actually do these things. Good luck with that. My wife and I have had to leave 3 churches so far because of heretical junk, contemplative prayer, etc. My wife has had to leave several ladies Bible studies because she has run into one heresy after another. When either of us start asking questions and begin to plainly show how what is going on is not Scriptural, we are the ones shown to the door. It gets discouraging but we will not give up. I don’t know what else to say.


    1. Hi Dennis-

      I’m so thankful for godly men like you and godly women like your wife. I’m so sorry about the church experiences you’ve had. If it’s any consolation, my husband and I have had similar experiences and so have many others. I’ve heard from many of them. Be encouraged, my brother, the day of the Lord draws near :0)


  3. Hi. Thanks for the article. I echo Dennis. I am very discouraged about finding a church holding fast to truth. I find here is a mix of truth and error in many churchesm. You go and here some good sermons at firts, but the longer you stay the more stuff comes out.


  4. May I ask your views on women in the military, the police and the fire service? Are you for or against? I am totally opposed to women in the military and the fire service. I don’t think women should be police officers in general although it could be argued that there is a need for a few female police officers to deal with certain sensitive cases. Feminism is mostly to blame for women being in what were previously considered men-only occupations. I agree with you that we Christian women should be soldiers of Christ, fighting in the Lord’s Army but never in man’s army. I live in Northern Ireland and I have been a candidate in two elections although I was not elected. I stood as an Independent Christian candidate and endured great hostility to my Biblical principles. I stood as a candidate because the male candidates were all Politically Correct, to a greater or lesser degree, and that includes the so-called “Christian” candidates. Sometimes men abdicate their God-given duty to protect society from evildoers and then God may/will use a woman, although this is not his ideal because leadership is or should be male. My manifesto, and a debate I participated in can be seen if you google my name. If you do so, I think you will be encouraged. My name is Susan-Anne White.


    1. Hi Susan-

      I like to be very careful about making blanket statements on things the Bible does not specifically permit or prohibit, and women serving in the military, police, and fire service is one of those issues. So, let me answer your question as wisely and carefully as I can:

      The Bible does indicate (for example: Titus 2:4-5, 1 Timothy 5:10, 14, 16, Proverbs 31:10ff) that the primary responsibility of married women is to manage their households and raise their children. So, no job (military, police, fire, or otherwise), hobby, church activity, etc, should hinder that primary responsibility. Some women are able to do a wonderful job of taking care of their families while holding down a full or part time job outside the home, others (like me) are not. Husbands and wives have to work that out between them with the husband, as the spiritual leader of the home, making the final decision. Single women, however, do not bear that same responsibility (unless they have children).

      Generally speaking, I think it is better and wiser for men to serve in protective roles in combat, law enforcement, and fire fighting, but because the Bible does not prohibit women from serving in those capacities, I can’t make a blanket statement saying they cannot do so, particularly if they are single with no children.

      I will say that I do not believe standards should be lowered for women seeking these types of jobs. Women and men should have to pass the same tests and meet the same qualifications (including physical requirements) for any given position. Also, there are military situations in which it is unwise (due to the way female prisoners of war are sometimes treated, and other factors) to send in female soldiers. I don’t believe women should be sent into situations like that just to prove a point when it would be safer or more expedient to simply send in men instead. Finally, there are many positions in the military, law enforcement, and fire fighting that do not put women in harm’s way or require them to have the same physicality as men (desk jobs, public relations, liaisons, inspectors, etc.), and those positions ought to be considered in the same light as similar jobs that are not in law enforcement, military, or fire fighting.

      Hope this helps :0)


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