Michelle Lesley has always used writing as a creative outlet.  As a child, she wrote poems and short stories.  Later, she drew upon her experience in music ministry and ventured into songwriting.  Note-taking during her quiet time led Michelle into a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, and it was from these study notes that her first book, a women’s Bible study on the life of Jacob, was drawn.

As an army brat, Michelle has lived in some interesting places such as Alaska and New Mexico, but returned to her native Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1989, earning her B.A. and attending graduate school at LSU. She remains a die-hard Tiger fan.

Michelle and her husband have been blessed by the six wonderful children – in their teens, 20’s, and 30’s – God has brought into their lives. She loves being a stay at home mom and home school veteran, and enjoys reading, staying active at church and in women’s ministry, spending time with family, and training Christian women to grow in their knowledge of Christ and His Word through her blog, speaking engagements around the country, and A Word Fitly Spoken, a podcast she co-hosts with Amy Spreeman.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your bio. I too home schooled my three, its the best gift I ever gave them, it was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Now my kids are adults and one is married. God gave me the grace to home school through my many health issues. Now its finding purpose and working with what I have. Most of my time is at home with my service dog Honey. I discovered that I enjoy researching. It started with researching Beth Moore and others. Its amazing that with even all my limitation God gives me the strength to do what’s most important, sharing the truth with my sisters in the Lord and encouraging them with their various afflictions and health problems. Who can better relate? I have twenty years health issues and its worth it if I can bring encouragement and prayer to another hurting sister. Your blog and other Christian blogs give me a lot of encouragement. You have so much helpful information that I’m sharing with my pastor on Beth Moore. Thank you Linda


  2. Michelle, I’ve enjoyed browsing your site and seeing whom you recommend. You might also be able to recommend the Mousers ( – not sure if you are familiar with them and their teaching on Biblical roles but you might enjoy checking it out.


  3. Hi Michelle! I did a google search on Kay Arthur and her teaching and I came across your blog. I have now spent a few hours reading as much as I can. Thank you for all your research and energy you’ve put into this site!

    Have you heard of Leslie Ludy? I’ve recently started listening to her podcast and I sometimes listen to her husband’s Sunday sermon. So far, I haven’t heard anything unbiblical but your site has shown me how easy it is to be led astray.

    Thank you again for sharing your wisdom. I can see your passion to help keep women on the narrow path!


    1. Thanks, Gaylene!

      Yes, I’m slightly familiar with Leslie and Eric. I have listened to one or two of his sermons over the years, but that’s about it. I’ve never listened to/read her at all. Is her podcast called “Set Apart Girl”? If so, I have just downloaded it and will give it a listen. In the mean time, this article may be helpful to you in researching her further.


  4. This is not for publishing per se, but an admonishment. You are very precise about your biblical standards, yet your motto is doctrinally unsound. Without Christ we die, (eventually for those He gives chance for repentance) but He may call us to unreached places with no church as an American would recognize or anyone might recognize, yet if we are led to go, we go and we will not die before His time. You may have been using hyperbole, but it also might reflect such a commitment to tradition that you fall on the more Puritan side of religiosity than is healthy for a believer to maintain, let alone someone who states leadership has such holy accountability. Do I know this to be true about you? No, but I present it to you to consider prayerfully, as you are very dismissive of others. There are many you do not endorse whom I also have qualms about, but I also know when I do judge others I myself am under stricter judgement.

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  5. So thankful your blog recommended to me. We left the mega church we were active members of for 35 years after a new shepherd arrived who sought to quickly transition the church into a seeker-friendly style. We stayed for 3 yrs but finally came to the conclusion that if we could not respect/support him in his endeavors, we needed to quietly leave. We were deeply hurt by the unkind remarks/accusations we received by those who stayed & decided to go along with the program. Thankfully, we are in a church that is much smaller but has a more traditional (that’s considered an ugly word today in some church circles) style of worship and a pastor/shepherd who loves his flock. I just read your article on church worship that is so true! Thank you.
    P.S. I am the one who asked about Praise Teams. In our mega church, the Praise Teams were so polished/eye-appealing that all focus was on the singers rather than what they were singing. More performance than praise to our God.


    1. Hi Joanne-

      I’m so sorry you had to leave your former church. It sounds like you had a lot of history and friends there, and leaving those strong bonds is never easy. Glad you found a new healthy church. May you worship in spirit and truth there for many years to come :0)


  6. Some time ago I was doing some research on Kay Arthur. Your article was beneficial since my wife was attending a church women’s study using some of Kay Arthur’s material. I also read some information written by you. In particular you stated something to the effect that though we can know and appropriate salvation, you thought it was a mistake that some Christians/theologians make out to know the exact details of the born again experience. The exact wording escapes me. I wanted to share your thought on the matter with my daughter who brought up “irresistible grace” and regeneration. Thank you for your response!


  7. Hi Michelle,

    Just want to send my gratitude, I’m thankful and grateful for your blogs. My wife is also extremely thankful(who has been for just under 3 months) and she has also been blessed by them. I’m thankful for zealous women like yourself who stand solely upon scripture and stressing upon how important it is for believers to be discerning. You may probably come across her on twitter.

    God Bless


  8. Just out of curiosity, I see that you referenced 1 Timothy 2:12 regarding women in church and women’s inability to exercise authority over men. My question is, how are you to know if a man reads your writings on this website and learns from them? Wouldn’t that be a violation, since the verse says women are to remain quiet?


    1. No, a blog is not the gathered body of Believers (the church) which is the context of 1 Timothy 2:12. Furthermore, this blog is specifically labeled “for women”. If I put up a fence around my property and a man trespasses on it, he is the one at fault, not me. This article may help explain more.

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  9. Dear Michele,

    I was greatly heartened to discover your expose on Christine Shirer. I just noted that South Mountain Community Church in St. George Utah Women’s Bible Study is conducting her Gideon Book. Have you read or reviewed it?

    I have written two books and produced two video documentaries exposing Rick Warren. You should know that he has committed fraud false claiming his Purpose Driven Life Book is the bestselling nonfiction hardback book in history. Proof::

    Click to access BestSellingRankingListinHistory.pdf

    Thank you for your biblical discernment and being a good defender of the faith!

    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist


  10. Hi Michelle,

    You have admirably expose a host of false teachers promoted by Susie Larson on her national radio show, so I encourage you to add her to your list. Plus she promotes the Enneagram that Bob DeWaay exposed at:

    Susie Larson also promotes Eric MeTaxas who is gobsmacked over Mother Teresa:

    I also heard him praise her on Fox News yesterday.

    So now even Conservative Christian scholars are jumping on the Roman Catholic Ecumenical bandwagon?

    I exposed her in my first book on Rick Warren another fan of Mother Teresa.

    He will also be speaking at Bethel Church in Redding, CA on April 18, 2021



  11. I am slowly moving/ reading through your articles . I look up the Biblical references that you give in your articles.

    Recently I asked a friend to read your article on an author of a book she had bought for me as a gift .
    This author is in your ‘ red flag’ list.
    My friend ‘researched’ you and says that you have “no Bible training” and “ how can she feel she has the authority to criticize others” .

    I’m a bit lost with this comment/ question from her and am wondering how to answer this
    Will you please help me. ?


    1. Hi Irene-

      Thanks for reaching out.

      My question would be: How much Bible training does your friend have that gives her the authority to criticize me? I would also ask if she takes issue with the fact that I “have no Bible training” and thus, no “authority” to recommend all of the teachers at the “Recommended Bible Teachers” tab at the top of this page and in the other articles I’ve written. I doubt it.

      The fact of the matter is that my training and authority aren’t the issue for your friend. The bottom line is that she’s offended that someone she likes is a false teacher and she doesn’t want to give up following that false teacher even thought Scripture commands it (Romans 16:17-18, 2 John 9-11, 2 Corinthians 6:14ff). That’s called idolatry. This article might be helpful for you for a little insight into what’s going on with your friend, spiritually.

      The question is not training or authority, and I’m not “criticizing” anybody. The question is, what does the Bible say, and is this particular teacher violating what the Bible says? Your friend is “killing the messenger” because she doesn’t like the message.

      How much “Bible training” and “authority” would I need to say: “The Bible says we are not to commit adultery. Bible Teacher X is committing adultery,” and provided pictures of her kissing and holding hands with a man who isn’t her husband? Because that’s essentially what I’m doing in my discernment articles: Here’s what the Bible says. Here’s how this teacher is violating what the Bible says. You shouldn’t be following someone who claims the name of Christ, yet lives in willful, unrepentant sin.

      Another article that might help is this one, which I provide at the very top of all of my discernment articles.

      Hope this helps. :0)


  12. When I observed Francis Chan swaying from the Truth I had no problem marking and avoiding.
    Once I learned more about Piper’s teachings I approach him cautiously.
    This is me personally, and I won’t pretend to speak for all men.


  13. Hi Michelle! I have a question about accountability in what you yourself are posting. How do you avoid men reading your website? I’ve noticed that some men respond here and I’m deeply concerned about this. I really struggle with you speaking about doctrine or the bible at all. This is in complete violation of 1 Corinthians 14:34. If I (or any woman) have a question about any of this, we should only be going to our husbands. Finally, I noticed you are wearing jewelry– a violation of 1 Peter 3:3. I don’t expect you to respond to this, but I will be praying for you to repent of these things lest you become a false teacher yourself.


    1. So, why are you asking me these questions? And why are you daring to “instruct” me in the Scriptures? I really struggle with you speaking about doctrine or the Bible at all if you believe these things. I’m deeply concerned about this.

      I would be delighted to answer your unbiblical beliefs with Scripture, but according to your own statements, you shouldn’t even be reading my blog and attempting to teach me Scripture, much less asking me questions, and I certainly shouldn’t be answering those questions. So, out of respect for your own beliefs, I decline to answer your questions. You should go ask your husband. (Does he know you were speaking to me about doctrine and the Bible?) If your statements above are any indication, he’ll give you more unbiblical answers, but I sure can’t answer them.

      And if you’re a poser looking for a “gotcha” rather than a true believer in this junk theology, you should have thought this through better. Gotcha back.


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