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I love serving the women of the body of Christ through this blog. From writing about current issues in the church that you have questions about, to researching false teachers, to encouraging you to study God’s word, to information networking for you on social media, there is no way I’d rather spend my “leftover” time and energy after serving my family and my church.

I don’t draw a salary from this ministry, charge membership fees, or sell merchandise, and I like that just fine and dandy. That being said, my family lives frugally on one modest income, and we incur financial needs from time to time.

If you or your family have been blessed by my work and you’d like to be a blessing to me and my family in return on an ongoing, occasional, or one time basis, please click on the PayPal or Patreon button below.

Anything from “Go buy a gallon of milk” to “Go buy a house” will be much appreciated and well stewarded by my husband and me. We ask only that you meet your own family’s and church’s needs first before considering making a gift to us.

Thank you, and God bless.

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