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Doctrinally Sound Christian Women to Follow – 1

False teachers. You can’t throw a rock out the window these days without hitting one. But are there any “good guys” out there who are getting it right? Discipleship, Bible study, and theological issues bloggers who rightly divide God’s word? You bet. You might have to do a little digging and turn over a few rocks, but they are out there, most, sans “Christian Celebrity” status, plugging away day after day, faithfully teaching God’s word. Here are some godly Christian women who are getting it right. No name it and claim it. No signs and wonders. No health, wealth, and prosperity. Just sound doctrine straight from God’s word.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don’t just take my (or anyone else’s) word for it that any ministry, podcast, book, or blog is biblical in its doctrine. You MUST do the work of comparing with Scripture everything you read and hear. If it doesn’t match up with God’s word (in context), chuck it.

Chapter 3 Ministries–  Sharon Lareau writes a wonderful blog on marriage, apologetics, and the Christian life. “Marriage and apologetics are the two main topics addressed here, but not the only ones. Chapter 3 Ministries reaches beyond them. We cannot limit our Christian experience to one or two things. There is so much in Christ to love and learn about!” Facebook  Twitter

The End Time– Elizabeth Prata is a blogging machine. Her articles are always thoughtful and well researched. “This blog is about encouragement, discernment, and prophecy. Each essay focuses on one of these with the prayer that through them, God is exalted. No matter how dark the days or how weary the heart, He is the Light and our hope.” Facebook  Twitter

Christian Answers for the New Age– When it comes to mysticism and the New Age movement, Marcia Montenegro really knows her stuff. “Christian Answers for the New Age is a ministry responding to alternative religions: to inform and educate others about New Age and occult beliefs; to respond to those involved in New Age/ occult/ Eastern belief systems with the love and truth of Christ (I Peter 3:15-16); and to serve as a resource on aspects of New Age/ occult thinking and practices such as astrology, psychic powers, meditation, witchcraft/ Wicca, alternative healing, magick, etc.” Marcia writes most actively on these topics on her Facebook page.

Susan Heck– “Susan’s ministry emphasizes sequential teaching of the Bible marching verse-by-verse through the Sacred Library. We are involved with teaching Biblical books to capture their originally intended meaning; mentoring women; Scripture memorization; writing Ladies Bible Studies; counseling and discipling. ” Instagram Facebook YouTube

Martha Peace Martha “teaches ladies’ Bible study classes and counseling classes…and travels extensively all over the world and conducts seminars for ladies’ groups” on biblical topics. Be sure to check out her free downloadable Bible studies! Facebook

Doreen Virtue– Raised in the New Age Movement and one of its leaders for years, Doreen has an amazing testimony of how Christ saved her. Now she teaches on the dangers and deceptions of the New Age as well as other biblical topics. Check out her YouTube broadcast.  Facebook Twitter Instagram

Proverbs 9:10 Ministries– “Understanding the Bible and knowing the true Gospel message for yourself is crucial in today’s world that’s saturated with false teaching and gospels being preached that are really not the true Gospel message at all…It’s time to take out the trash, and replace it with truth!” Join this dynamic duo of sound doctrine, Rose Spiller and Chris Paxon, for their podcast No Trash, Just Truth!, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and more! Facebook Instagram

Open Hearts in a Closed World– Created by Brooke Bartz, OHCW is a free online women’s conference attended by thousands of women annually. OHCW “was started with the purpose to provide women in the local church with sound teaching and biblical resources that encourage, exhort, and train women for the glory of Jesus Christ alone.” Catch all the conference (and more!) videos on the OHCW YouTube channel. And for fellowship between conferences, giveaways, and more, join the OHCW Facebook group. Instagram

Reagan Escude Scott– “Redeemed. Truth Seeker. Free Thinker” – that’s how Reagan describes herself. And she couldn’t be more accurate. Reagan is Media and Communications Manager for Turning Point U.S.A. founder and conservative activist Charlie Kirk, and writes about politics and social issues with a blatantly biblical bent. On biblical topics, her doctrine is timeless, freshly communicated to young women eager for the truth of Scripture. Reagan’s main online platform is Instagram, so be sure to give her a follow over there and check out her highlights to get started. Facebook Twitter

Robin Self– Robin is a pastor’s wife who blogs about a variety of biblical topics – from false teachers to avoid, to women’s ministry help, to devotions, and more – at A Worthy Walk. Give her a follow! Facebook Twitter

You can always find these – and more great Christian women and men to follow – at the Recommended Bible Teachers tab in the blue menu bar at the top of this page.

25 thoughts on “Doctrinally Sound Christian Women to Follow – 1”

  1. I am in the early stage of sanctification, and one of the first sinful habits that had to go was my reddit addiction. I really appreciate you pointing the way to good material. 🙂


  2. I just discovered you this morning. I’ve spent a few hours reading your posts and wow! You’ve sure opened up my eyes. I have studied under at least 6 of these teachers over the past 15 years. As I told my husband, I’ve never felt 100% comfortable in any study. Whether in the church or on my own. Now I know why. You’re a breath of fresh air, a gift of honesty that is so lacking in all aspects of life these days. I went to our Bible bookstore this afternoon and picked up two books from two authors that are in your recommended list. Also have found a new church, (actually 3), to try. I’m blown away by all of this and my sincere thanks, which doesn’t seem like enough. Bless you!


    1. Hi Kathy- Thank you for taking the time to encourage me with your kind words and sharing how the Lord is growing you! What a blessing – I rejoice with you! Did you find the three churches at the “Searching for a new church?” tab (in the blue menu bar at the top of this page), or on your own? If it was on your own, I just wanted to make you aware of that resource should you end up needing it (you might also find the “What to look for in a church” section of that page to be helpful).

      And just one last thing to clarify for other readers – when you say, “I have studied under at least 6 of these teachers,” did you mean the solid teachers listed on this page or perhaps some of the false teachers I’ve written about elsewhere? :0)


      1. It was under the false teachers. And I used the links you give to find the churches. I’ve only researched them online but so far so good. Thanks again.


  3. Our womens ministry is doing a summer bible study from the book and teaching of Christine Hoover titled, Seek First the Kingdom. Have you heard of Christine Hoover. Is she a sound bible teacher? I have learned so much from your list of false teachers you have written about. Thank you so much Michelle. I subscribed to Robin Self. What a blessing she is to me.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kaye. Robin is a blessing to me, too! :0)

      I’ve heard Christine Hoover’s name, but have never researched her. I will tell you this – she is one of LifeWay Women’s platformed authors, and I use that as one litmus test of who to avoid. They habitually platform women who preach to men, teach false doctrine, and partner with false teachers. I’m not saying that’s definitely the case with Christine, personally, but it’s likely. This resource may help as you research her.


      1. Michelle, words can not express how grateful and blessed I am for responding to my question. I wished I had known and learned about you and the others when I first became a Christian. I was so on fire for the Lord in my first year that I passionately went looking for female mentors and teachers not realizing nor discerning that false teachers exist. Fast forward to today, I Praise God that He mercifully led me to your teachings and opened my eyes to the truth. I’ve repented for once being a part of the party of false teachers. God bless you and your ministry. Thank you for the resources you’ve included. Now, when I read my bible I make sure that I read, re read and memorize them in my heart. What a difference.


  4. Hi Michelle, I have been praying to God to lead me to the truth, as I was having difficulty finding a teacher who truly spoke and guided others to sound doctrine, without all the fluff, and sinful behaviour. I happen to open my emails a few days ago, and there you were. I have no idea if I had commented on your blog way back, but either way, I feel my prayer was answered. Thank you for this wonderful platform for women, and opening our eyes to the truth, and guiding us in a no nonsense manner! Sincerely, Linda


    1. I had the same experience! I have learned so much from you as well.
      I faithfully listen to your podcast with Amy Spreeman.
      Thank You for all you do.
      Many Blessings.


  5. Thank you so much for making this list. I found Susan Heck and have emailed her and she actually emailed back. I asked her about finding women teachers who don’t call themselves pastors. I have a very big hangup with that women when referencing a woman, and she lead me here. I have found this so helpful.


    1. I’m so glad. It is my pleasure to serve you in Christ. Susan is a wonderful co-laborer in this field. I am so grateful for her.

      I’m glad you found some of these women to be helpful. Let me just encourage you in two additional directions (you’re probably already good to go on these, but just in case anyone else is reading this…):

      1. Be sure you’re a faithful member of a doctrinally sound local church (see the Searching for a new church? tab in the blue menu bar at the top of this page if you need some help) so that you will have a solid pastor and godly older women in your own church to disciple you. God’s plan for us is primarily the local church, not following “celebrity” online pastors and teachers with whom we have no relationship.

      2. Be sure to check out male teachers (see the Recommended Bible Teachers tab in the blue menu bar at the top of this page) in addition to female teachers. “Big Eva” has conditioned women to think we can only learn from other women, but that’s not true. Plus, there are far more doctrinally sound male authors and teachers out there with far more available materials.


  6. I am so thankful I found your blog. I have long been burdened with wondering how to distinguish a false teacher that the Bible warns us about. I have been using your resources for about a year now to help answer my questions on many teachers. God is using you to bless so many women!

    There is one though that I just can’t figure out. Our church is doing a ladies Bible study using a Ruth Chou Simmons study. I just can’t get a good answer on her, do you have any experience with her teachings?


    1. I have not done much research on her (though I plan to in the future when I have time), but because she’s one of LifeWay Women’s platformed authors, I would recommend staying away from her. I’ve researched several of their authors/speakers, and they’re pretty much all cut from the same cloth- they preach to men, they yoke with false teachers, they twist Scripture, and they’re all about your feelings and personal subjective experiences. Additionally, as I’ve researched other false teachers, Ruth’s name has popped up a lot in connection with them.


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