Speaking Engagements

General Information:

I am available to speak on Biblical topics at women’s conferences, workshops, retreats, breakout sessions, and other women’s events. Click here to read about previous events I’ve spoken at.

I also love appearing on Christian podcasts, so if you host a podcast and need a guest or a fill-in, please contact me, and let’s chat about it. Click here to listen to previous podcasts I’ve appeared on.

As Paul might say, “I do not want to appear to be frightening you with my [blog].” Although I write extensively, and often stringently, about false teachers, it is not the central focus of my ministry, and I do not speak about them at events unless specifically asked to. My desire, when speaking to an audience of ladies is to encourage, teach, and inspire them to learn God’s Word, love Christ, walk faithfully with Him, and serve their local churches.

If you think you might like to have me come speak to your group, please familiarize yourself with my blog content and my “Statement of Faith” and “Welcome” tabs in the blue menu bar at the top of this page. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me and ask.

Women’s ministry leaders, if you’re contacting me about a church event, please make sure your pastor (and any other leadership from whom you need approval) is familiar with, and approves of me before extending a formal invitation. Again, I will be delighted to answer any questions anyone may have.

I do not have any audience or venue size requirement. Large venues and audiences are wonderful and exciting, but small churches hold a special place in my heart.

Please note that my teaching sessions are geared toward adults. While I’m always glad to see teens and children at my events, I occasionally mention adult topics (ex: homosexuality, abuse, lust, transgenderism, etc.) when I speak. I deal with these topics in a reverent and adult-appropriate way, but moms should be aware that if they bring their children, they might get some interesting questions in the car on the way home! :0)

Scroll down to my calendar of events to see if I’m available for the date of your event.

(And if you’d like to book both my A Word Fitly Spoken podcast partner, Amy Spreeman, and me to speak, please click here.)

Fees, Formats, and Forms

In Person Events:

As a Proverbs 31 woman and stay at home mom, I try to “look well to the ways of my household.” Unfortunately, I know nothing about wool, flax, or weaving, so speaking engagements are the “wool, flax, and weaving” that help contribute to providing for my family by way of equitable speaking fees. Speaking fees are determined by my husband and speaking engagements coordinator, Scott, and will vary depending on the nature of the event (i.e. how many sessions you’d like me to teach over how many days) and how much prep work is required. In addition to an equitable speaking fee, I do require modest travel (from Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and accommodation expenses.

If you need some ideas for topics and event schedules, you may want to consider a speaking engagement package. Choose from my most popular biblical topics and the most common conference formats, and we’ll send you the speaking fee for that conference.

Please copy and fill out my

Speaking Engagement Packages Worksheet

and e-mail it to Scott Lesley at MichelleLesley1@yahoo.com.

Package speaking fees tend to be a bit less expensive than events with a unique topic since my speaking notes for unique topics require many more hours of study and work to assemble. However, if you have a conference format or topic you’d like me to speak on that isn’t listed on the form above, we can probably accommodate you. Please email Scott Lesley at the address above to inquire.

Video Conference Events

In certain situations, I occasionally speak at events via video conference (Zoom, Skype, etc.). Please click on the “Speaking Engagement Packages Worksheet” link above to view the available teaching topics, then email Scott to discuss the nature of your event. (The conference formats listed in that document do not apply to livestream events. I regret that I am unable to do a full conference via livestream.) A speaking fee will still apply.

Tips and Helpful Hints:

Is your church new to hosting conferences, retreats, etc., and you need a little help with the details? Check out:

Women’s Events on a Shoestring Budget and Other Practical Tips

Event Planner FAQs

Already booked and need more detailed info?


Need a headshot for your publicity materials? You’re welcome to grab and use any of the photos in the top section here.


Click here for biographical material for introducing me at the event, for your publicity materials, etc. (If you need a mini-bio, use only the last paragraph.)

Event Planner FAQs

Hotel or host home? Any food allergies? Microphones? Handouts? Click here for answers to some of the most frequent planning questions conference organizers ask.


“Michelle Lesley is such a biblically sound guide, I recommend women to her website all the time. She not only loves God and His word, she is very thorough in her study and research, desiring to strengthen others in knowledge, wisdom, and holiness. I’m pleased to call her a friend and sister in Christ!”
Gabriel Hughes
Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lindale, TX
Founder – When We Understand the Text (WWUTT)

The first time I heard about Michelle Lesley was through a young lady I disciple who told me I was on her top 10 teachers you could trust. That was certainly a surprise to me but it drew me to her website. I was encouraged to see someone of the same mind who had a passion for truth as well as a concern for the false teachers of of our day which are abounding.. I am thankful that Michelle speaks truth and is desirous to equip women to be women of the Word!”
Susan Heck
Women’s Bible Teacher, Speaker, and Author
With the Master Ministries

“[I] wholeheartedly recommend the ministry of Michelle Lesley to you and your ladies. Her ministry here…was a tremendous blessing to our women’s group as she shared the Word of God with conviction and boldness, yet with a spirit of humility. Her devotion to God and respect for His Word are apparent by her depth of knowledge.
Michelle’s strong desire to glorify Jesus Christ and build up His church was obvious, as was her tremendous ability to communicate God’s Word. Our church continues to greatly benefit from the doctrinally sound messages she shared at our annual Ladies Retreat.”
Randall G. Hooper, D. Min.
Pastor, Corbin City Baptist Church, Corbin City, NJ
(Excerpted from a full letter of recommendation from Pastor Hooper, which I can e-mail to you upon request.)

“I can’t say enough about what a great joy and privilege it was to sit under such solid teaching.  We gave Michelle a hard subject, suffering, and she rose to the challenge and then some!  You can tell she knows her Scriptures, she had done the research and each of her sessions were well prepared and delivered with passion, joy and conviction.  Our ladies were blessed. Thank you Michelle, we hope to have you back to New England some day.”
Maria Zaccardi
Women’s Ministry Leader
First Baptist Church, Weymouth, MA

“Our church was blessed to have Michelle speak at our annual Women’s Christmas Event. She is a woman of sound doctrine, and her heart to see women grow in their knowledge of Scripture serves to make her speaking practical and effective. It is difficult to find women who will speak to other women these days and not get caught up in the emotional draw, which seems to be the norm. Instead, Michelle’s ministry helps women see all things through the lens of Scripture. We can’t wait to have her back again!”
Jayson York
Senior Pastor, West Chicago Bible Church, West Chicago, IL

If you need a godly, doctrinally sound speaker for your ladies, look no further than this lady right here!! We had a memorable time together, it was a banner day for Providence Baptist Church, and most of all, great impact for the kingdom of God. But more than that, a day that will have impact on lives for eternity. Can’t thank Michelle enough for the gift she gave us.
Gayle Smith
Women’s Ministry Leader
Providence Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

If you’d like to schedule an event, I’d love to hear from you! Check out my calendar below to see if I’m available for your date. I still have lots of availability in 2023 and beyond!

2023 Calendar:

2023 is filling up fast! October is booked.

Here are the dates still available:
Any weekend from April 28-29 through May 19-20
Any weekend from June 23-24 through September 8-9
November: 10-11, 17-18

(A few dates are pending as we work with event planners to finalize their bookings.)

Want to attend one of the events below?
Click here for more information.

March 17-18- Women’s Conference, Salem Baptist Church in Cullman, Alabama. (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly to register.)

April 1- Women Thinking Wisely conference, The Ripley Church in Greenwich, Ohio. (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but seating is limited. Purchase tickets here.)

April 14-15- Firm Foundation Women’s Conference, Grace Point at Eagle Heights Church in Orange, Texas. (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas. Register here.)

September 22-23– Women’s Retreat, Killeen Bible Church, Killeen, Texas. This is a closed event.

October 14- Women’s “Day-treat,” First Baptist Church, Opelousas, Louisiana. (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly to register.)

October 25-28- Jesus Camp Women’s Retreat on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. This event is by invitation only, but you may request an invitation. Contact Darcy Creech Marelli at darcy@darcycreech.com for details.