Searching for a new church?

Looking for a new, doctrinally sound church? It seems like so many Christians are, these days. But how can you find one? What constitutes a doctrinally sound church? Are you leaving your old church for biblical reasons? Are you looking for a church that will serve you or one where you can roll up your sleeves and help with the work of ministry? Here are some resources I hope will help:

Church Search Engines and Recommendations

HeartCry Missionary Society (Paul Washer) Church Finder Page
Includes 9Marks, Sermon Audio, Founders, and The Master’s Seminary church search engines

Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA) church finder

I’ll Be Honest church finder U.S. and international churches

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches Nearly 600 member churches in the United Kingdom. (Click on “Our Churches”.)

Churches my readers have recommended (View the list of churches in this article as well as recommendations on my Facebook page. You can also request recommendations for a church in a particular area or recommend any doctrinally sound churches you have a personal connection to.)

I cannot personally vouch for the theology of any of the churches at these links nor those who recommended them. Please use this list only as a suggestion of churches to check out using biblical wisdom and discernment.

What to look for in a church

How Can I Find a Good Church? 

Finding a New Church: Starting from Scratch

Six Questions for a Potential Church

Nine Reasons Discerning Women Are Leaving Your Church

Six Ways Not to Forsake the Assembly

7 Reasons Church is Not Optional and Non-Negotiable for Christians

Equipping Eve Podcast: The Church with Erin Benziger and Michelle Lesley

If You’re Looking for a Church with These Qualities, Look Again by Ryan Day