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Women Thinking Wisely Conference Audio

It was my joy, recently, to speak at the Women Thinking Wisely conference at Countryside Bible Church in Meade, Kansas.

CBC was so kind to record audio of the four main sessions of the conference. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Women Thinking Wisely, Session 1:
Rightly Handling Emotions

Women Thinking Wisely, Session 2:
Rightly Handling Media’s Influence

Women Thinking Wisely, Session 3:
Rightly Handling Suffering

Women Thinking Wisely, Session 4:

If your church is ever in need of a speaker for a women’s event, I’d love to come share with your ladies as well. Click here for more information.

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Report Back: Women Thinking Wisely Conference

I had such a lovely time serving the ladies of Meade, Kansas, last weekend at Countryside Bible Church’s Women Thinking Wisely women’s conference.

Countryside Bible Church
(Used to be the Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church.
Kinda hard to change your name when it’s “set in stone””!)

I flew in on Friday afternoon and got some quality chat time with Pastor Jonathan Dale and his charming wife, Nora, as we drove from the airport to Meade through the beautiful farmland that comprises much of the area.

I thought Oklahoma’s “where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain”
but I guess Kansas gets a good stiff breeze too, or they wouldn’t have all of these windmills!
*Nora Dale and me.

The Dales dropped me off at the warm and welcoming home of Roxanna and Darwin who hosted me for the weekend at their family owned and operated farm, Ediger Farms.

Saturday was the big day, and we headed over to the church for the conference. I do not have the gift of decorating, but somebody at Countryside sure does, because you would hardly have known the gym was a gym. The whole CBC family must have pitched in to make everything so pleasant and inviting, and they did a super job!

The centerpieces incorporated the theme verse for the weekend,
Philippians 4:8: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.*

At last it was time to get down to business, and we began with worship and prayer. Usually, when I teach at a conference, I teach 2-4 sessions on various aspects of one topic, like biblical womanhood or discernment, but the ladies who planned this conference had me teach about thinking wisely in three very diverse arenas – emotionalism, the media, and suffering – which I found to be a refreshing challenge. (I’ll insert a link to the audio for each session when it becomes available.)

Session 1 was Rightly Handling Our Emotions. We explored what it means to live life led by the objective Word of God rather than our subjective feelings and opinions.

*    *  


In our second session, Rightly Handling Media, we took a look at media and how it can be used as a tool for helping us grow in Christ or creating problems in our walk with Christ.


Next, it was time for lunch- a variety of salads, and one of my favorites, cheesecake. I would have taken a picture, but I was focused on snarfing it down!

After lunch, we dealt with Rightly Handling Suffering in session three. Jesus is our hero in suffering, our hope in suffering, and our way to handle suffering.



Craft time! The ladies got to take a (much needed, I’m sure) break and make these lovely mementos of the conference. Someone even made one for me since I was busily preparing for the last session. (Thank you, whoever you are!)


Following craft time was our last session of the day, Q&A, always my favorite session. The ladies asked some very smart questions that I had fun answering.

Awesome Q&A cards to fill out and turn in!


As the conference wrapped up, Nora presented me with a wonderful hostess gift. These cute dish towels will always remind me of my visit to the Sunflower State and the lovely ladies of CBC. And the candy was delicious!

Before she went home, Hannah, a mighty talented young artist, presented me with this portrait. I am so impressed with the detail- she included my necklace, earrings, and the headset mic, and even captured my incessant gesticulating. Somebody’s got a career in the art world ahead of her when she grows up!

It’s never easy to say goodbye. I met so many precious brothers and sisters in Christ, and even a couple of furry friends!

Great to meet you, Tami and Gina!**

Church kitties!
I’m not a cat person, but even I couldn’t resist these two cuties.

Before I knew it, I was headed back for the airport. Big thank you’s to Sara for driving me to and from the conference, to Travis and Tiff, who welcomed me into their home for supper on Saturday night and fed me well, and to Eric and Angela who heroically picked me up at 3:30 a.m. (yes, you read that right) so I could make my 6:00 a.m. flight, then drove all the way back home for church. (I hope Pastor Jonathan will forgive you if you nodded off during his sermon!)

I had an amazing trip to Kansas, and it was such an honor to teach the sweet ladies of Meade. Many thanks to all the folks at Countryside Bible Church for your sweet hospitality and for putting on such a wonderful conference. I highly recommend this warm and welcoming church to anyone in southwest Kansas who is looking for a doctrinally sound body of Believers to join.

If your church or organization is ever in need of a speaker for a women’s event, I’d love to come share with your ladies as well. Click here for more information.

Photo Credits

Photos marked by a single asterisk (*), courtesy of Roxanna Ediger

Photo marked by a double asterisk (**), unknown

All other photos by Michelle Lesley

Speaking Engagements

Y’all Come! – Speaking Engagement Updates and Event-Hosting Tips

There’s been quite the hustle and bustle of ministry activity around here lately, so I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with a few updates:

I had a wonderful time sharing and fellowshipping with the ladies of Countryside Bible Church in Meade, Kansas, this past weekend at the Women Thinking Wisely conference. Check in here at the blog on Friday for pictures and a report back.


If you haven’t checked out the 2020-21 calendar on my Speaking Engagements page (in the blue menu bar at the top of this page), here’s an update. I hope you’ll find an event you can attend! I’ll be posting more about each of these as the dates get nearer.

2020 Calendar:

September 26- Standing Firm on God’s Word Women’s Conference, First Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Oklahoma. (There are a limited number of seats still available, but you must contact the church directly for details.)


October 23-24Cruciform Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana. Breakout sessions for women, plus a live episode recording of A Word Fitly Spoken. Tickets for women are approximately half price (there are also discounts for students and pastors). This one is co-ed (except for my breakout sessions), so bring your husbands, ladies!


November 8-9- Rooted in Christ Women’s Conference, Ekalaka Bible Church in Ekalaka, Montana (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly for details.)

2021 Calendar:

January 29-30- Women’s Advance Conference, Agape Bible Church, Willits, California. (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly for details.)


If you weren’t able to find an event to attend, host your own! I’d love to come speak to the ladies of your church or Christian organization (my 2020 calendar is full, but I’m available starting in late February 2021). Now is the time to start planning for 2021. Check out the rest of the information on my Speaking Engagements page, including my newly updated article, Women’s Events on a Shoestring Budget (Plus- Tips for Hosting an Event!)

A new feature I’ve added to make hosting a speaking engagement easier and less expensive is speaking engagement packages. Choose from my most popular biblical topics and the most common conference formats, and we’ll send you the set speaking fee for that conference. (Of course, if you have another topic you’d like me to speak on or a format that’s unique to your event, that option is still available.)

I hope to see you soon at an event near you!

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Open Hearts in a Closed World Online Women’s Conference Session Videos

Did you get a chance to “attend” the Open Hearts in a Closed World online women’s conference this week? If you forgot about it, didn’t know about it, or missed a session or two, here are all the teaching and breakout sessions. (Any questions about the conference? Please contact the conference organizers here.)

Monday, July 13
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Brooke Bartz- What Is Service?
Breakout Session: Danielle Stringer – Lettering Art

Watch on Facebook     ~     Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2


Tuesday, July 14
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Susan Heck-
5 Truths Which Must Be Remembered When Using One’s Spiritual Gifts
Breakout Session: Jasmin Davis-
Decorating on a Budget

Watch on Facebook     ~     Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2


Wednesday, July 15
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Penny Amack-
Serving God From, and In, the Home
Breakout Session: Jess Owinyo- Bullet Journaling

Watch on Facebook     ~     Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2


Thursday, July 16
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Erin Coates-
Service and Sound Doctrine
Breakout Session: Karie Rodgers- Hospitality

Watch on Facebook     ~     Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2


Friday, July 17
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Michelle Lesley-
Servanthood vs. Celebrity
Closing Session: Brooke Bartz

Watch on Facebook
Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Speaking Engagements

Open Hearts in a Closed World Online Women’s Conference

Have you been enjoying all of the awesome conferences that have been offered online over the past few months? Me too! And here comes another one that I think you’ll really enjoy and be edified by:

Open Hearts in a Closed World
July 13-17 ~ 9:30 a.m. daily
Cost: FREE


Worship with City Alight starts at 9:30 a.m. (Central).


After worship, join me, Susan Heck, and these other lovely ladies for five days of teaching about servanthood.

Following each teaching session will be a fun breakout session.

To attend,

simply log on to the conference’s





page and watch!
(No registration necessary.)

The conference livestream will begin at 9:30 a.m. (Central) each day, Monday, July 13 – Friday, July 17. Can’t attend in real time? The recordings of each session will remain available on these platforms so you can watch later.

Any Questions?

***** Please contact the conference organizers here. *****