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If someone were to ask you, “What kind of person do you want to raise your daughter to be?” how would you answer? Caring? Independent? Loyal? Kind?

I’m betting none of us would answer “weak,” “burdened with sins,” “easily led astray by her passions,” or “unable to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.” Yet in these last days in which we find ourselves, that’s exactly what many good-hearted Christian mothers with nothing but the best of intentions are raising their daughters to be. It’s not that they want their daughters to grow up to be spiritually weak or led astray by sin or unbiblical teaching, it’s just that they lack the skills and tools necessary for properly training their daughers in the Scriptures and godliness.

Maybe you’re one of those moms…

Need a little encouragement in the mom department? Maybe a helping hand? For the month of May, Kaylene Yoder (who’s contributed some great articles for Blog Swaps here at my blog) is running a series of articles for moms of girls called 30 Days of Love from a Mother’s Heart. Head on over and check out my article, “Avoiding the Creepers: Six Ways to Raise a Biblically Strong Woman,” and while you’re there, stick around and check out some other great articles by lots of different writers.

(As always, be sure everything you read and believe – including my stuff – matches up with Scripture, in context.)

What advice would you offer moms who want to raise
biblically strong women?