6 thoughts on “The Mailbag: Asked and Answered”

  1. With regard to the TGC’s 2021 Women’s Conference…….
    Sam Allberry is a breakout speaker! Sam dentifies as “gay and Christian” and pastors St. Mary’s Church in Maidenhead UK, promotes the idea that one can be homosexual and Christian, and therefore must have inclusion in the Lord’s Church.

    Sam Allberry has established a ministry website that is solely devoted to the false teaching of “gay” Christianity; http://www.livingout.org/
    Shockingly, there are many prominent, professing evangelicals supporting Allberry and his ministry.

    So the question is…… why would anyone attend or speak at a conference where Sam would be speaking!?

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    1. Hi Sara-
      While I tend to agree with you, Sam, and others who support him, would disagree with the way you’ve presented what he believes and teaches. I’m not saying he’s right or biblical, but I would encourage anyone who has questions about him to do the research for herself.


  2. Hi Michelle, what Bible app do you recommend? I have been using the You version Holy Bible app but did not know that it was affiliated with false teachers so would like to find another Bible app. Thanks for your time.


  3. In regards to the baptism…if my husband and I were baptized by a woman pastor at a church that is not doctrinally sound, do we need to be rebaptized now that we have left that church and are now members of a sound church?


    1. My inclination would be to say yes – and if you know you weren’t saved at the time of that baptism, definitely yes – but I would recommend setting up an appointment with your pastor to discuss it and following his leadership.


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