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Missions Monday: Buy a Book ~ Be a Missionary

I’m just going to come right out and say it:

I want you to buy my book. I want you and your church and any other Christian organization you’re a member of to buy as many copies of my book as you possibly can.


Well, it’s certainly not because I want to become rich and famous and have a monopoly on Bible study sales at your local Christian bookstore. I really couldn’t care less about that.

And it’s not because I want to make a lot of money for my publishing house, or feed my ego, or prove myself to people, or score some sort of brownie points with God.

I want to be a missionary. And I want you to come with me.

How can buying my book turn you into a missionary?

Be a missionary to yourself:
If you’ve never turned from your sin and trusted in Christ’s death on the cross to pay the penalty for your sin, you’ll find out all about that in my book (and FYI– you do NOT have to buy the book for that. E-mail me at michellelesley1@yahoo.com, and we’ll chat, or click on the video “Good News!” on the side bar.) YOU are your first mission field.

If you have been born again, buy this book and use it to study God’s word so that He can build you up into an even mightier woman of God than you already are. Let Him turn you into a praying, studying, praising, worshiping, Gospel-sharing machine!

Be a missionary to those closest to you:
Give Jacob as a gift to someone who needs to know Jesus as Savior–a friend, your child’s teacher, your beautician… Give it to a Christian friend or loved one to help her grow in her faith. Give copies to your local battered women’s shelter. Start a lunchtime ladies’ Bible study at work. Invite the women of your neighborhood to study Jacob in a small group in your home.

Be a missionary to those far away:
All of my profits from the sale of this book–ALL of them- I am personally not making a penny from book sales– are going to the International Mission Board to reach an Unreached People Group in the Middle East with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These are people who have never heard the name of Jesus or that He is the only way they can be forgiven of their sin and escape an eternity in hell. (Find out more by clicking the UPG tab at the top of this page.)

You can also buy copies to send with missions teams from your church to distribute to the people they’ll be ministering to, or ship them to an overseas church that your church supports.


And all you have to do is buy a book.