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What is salvation? What is the gospel? ~ Sunday School Lesson ~ 9-22-13

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I recently started teaching a women’s Sunday School class at my church. Right now we are taking a look at some of the challenging questions and issues we face as Christians. I’ll be posting the notes from my class here each week. Click here for last week’s lesson.

What is salvation? What is the gospel?

I. What is the one thing Jesus can do for us that we can’t do for ourselves?

II. Why do we need salvation?

A. Creation was perfect (Genesis 1, key verse: 31): “It was good.”

B. Fall of man (Genesis 3). What does this have to do with us today?

1. Death entered the world as a result of the fall  (Romans 5:12, 15-19)

2. Sin “genetically altered” every person from Adam on (Psalm 51:5) and now we are all sinners.

III. How do we know we need salvation?

A. The Law

1. The Law shows us what sin is (Romans 7:7-11)

2. The Law shows us we are guilty of breaking it (James 2:10-11)

3. The Law is written on our hearts and condemns us when we do wrong (Romans  2:15)

4. The Law shows us the futility of trying to keep it and leads us to cry out to God for help. (Galatians 3:10-11, 23-24)

IV. Extra Study Resources:

A. “How Did the Fall Affect Humanity?”  ~ Got Questions Ministries

B. “Law”  ~

C. “The Law and the Gospel” by John MacArthur

D. “The Gospel” by Matt Chandler

This lesson will be continued next week.

5 thoughts on “What is salvation? What is the gospel? ~ Sunday School Lesson ~ 9-22-13”

  1. Not necessarily for publication:
    Just wondering if you still think resource “D” by Matt Chandler is a good recommendation? Not because of the resource itself (I haven’t read it), but because of the whole idea of recommending anything by Matt Chandler.


    1. Hi Laurel- (Sorry, I have no way of responding to this other than to publish it, but if you’ll respond to this comment, I’ll be glad to delete your comments if you like.)

      To answer your question, yes. You’ll notice the date on this article is 2013 – 6 years ago, before Matt started doing/saying the things that are concerning to us today. I no longer proactively recommend Matt or his resources precisely because of the recent concerns about him, but his teaching in 2013 was certainly doctrinally sound (probably most of his teaching even today is doctrinally sound, but I no longer listen to him, so I don’t know for sure).


      1. That is what I figured, based on the date. I was searching your site for his name because it showed up on another site and I couldn’t quite remember who he was and where he stood biblically. When this page and another showed up after I had read all your other comments about him, I was a little concerned that you would continue to allow his name to stand as a recommended resource and thought maybe you had forgotten it was here, since it was so long ago.


      2. If Matt apostatizes or commits some sort of egregious sin that disqualifies him from ministry, I will most likely go back over my site and scrub any of his resources I’ve recommended in the past. But where he is right now – a pastor who has been generally doctrinally sound for years who has bobbled a bit lately, but is still pretty much doctrinally sound – doesn’t warrant that kind of response. No one is perfect. We all sin, make mistakes, and do unwise things from time to time, even pastors. And we need to leave room to extend grace for those times. Hopefully, he will straighten up and get back on the right, biblical track. Rest assured, I have been keeping an eye on his trajectory and will continue to do so.

        Thank you so much for the heads up, though. After almost 12 years of blogging, there are things I have forgotten. :0)


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