Movie Tuesday Double Feature: Hearing His Voice ~and~ New Life In Christ

I apologize, but I need to temporarily suspend “Project Breakdown“.
This project will be completed at a later date.

It’s a Movie Tuesday double feature! Get out the Kleenex and get ready for a heaping helping of encouragement. These movies will do something most others can’t: introduce you to some brothers and sisters in Christ whom you’ll meet in Heaven. So get comfy and gather the family around for a night of joy!

“Imagine how dark it would be to live out of reach of the Gospel and any of the hope that it brings; to only know Satan’s rule and fear of the spirits, an endless and terrifying cycle of appeasement. Imagine if murder, self-harm, and deception were a part of everyday life.

Hearing His Voice documents the story of what happened when a people group just like this encountered God’s Word for the first time. They were forgotten by the world in the jungles of Asia-Pacific until 20 years ago when a Christian pilot spotted them in the foliage below.

Watch Hearing His Voice to stand in awe of the power of God’s Word as it transforms a desperate people into a joyful community. The hero of this story is not the pilot, or the missionaries, or even a specific evangelism strategy… it is God alone and his precious, everlasting Word.”

Hearing His Voice is a production of Access Truth“We develop training resources for making the truth of the Bible accessible across cultures.”

This year, 2019, marks John MacArthur’s fiftieth year in ministry at Grace Community Church. On February 10, GCC celebrated his many years of faithful service. And as a little homage here at the blog, I thought you’d enjoy this movie featuring Dr. MacArthur, Jubilant Sykes, and members of GCC. All the way from 1979, here’s New Life in Christ.

7 thoughts on “Movie Tuesday Double Feature: Hearing His Voice ~and~ New Life In Christ”

  1. If you have not seen the movie Indivisible, I highly recommend it. Written and produced by a Christian doctor in Memphis. His 2nd movie. Based on true story of young, idealistic Army chaplain during Iraq war. The horrors of war and 15 month separation results in PSTD and stressed marriage that shatters his faith. Movie has strong, sensitive, evangelistic message and well-acted and produced.


  2. Thank you for sharing “New Life in Christ.” I attended GCC at that time (up until 2016 when I moved from California). What I appreciate about this video and John MacArthur is he preached the same message then as he does now. He is a faithful teacher of God’s word and his ministry has blessed the lives of so many people.


  3. Thank you! Please, make this a regular contribution. Godly “entertainment” is hard to find. I recommend American Gospel, Torchered for Christ, and also the short movie called Unpopular.


    1. Hi Lisa- Movie Tuesday is a semi-regular feature. It’s my goal (I’m not always successful!) to run it about once a month. If you’ll look to the sidebar on your left and click on the word “Movies” you can watch the ones I’ve run in the past. :0)


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