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Movie Tuesday: Miracles for Sale


“You are about to see a world where greed and deceit raise their ugly heads. Where lives have been needlessly lost. And where hope, the most precious gift of all, is peddled at a price. This is the wickedness in the world of faith healing.”

No, Derren Brown, the man behind the documentary Miracles for Sale, isn’t a watchblogger and he doesn’t head up a discernment ministry. He’s an atheist. And this project is proof in living color that – to our shame – lost people often see right through these types of blasphemies better than some so-called Christians do.

Several years ago, Derren Brown set out to expose the chicanery of faith healing. He chose to do so by taking an average man off the streets, teaching him the tricks of the trade, and passing him off as a legitimate faith healer, proving that God isn’t behind this movement – it’s all sleight of hand, fakery, and deceit.

Have you ever wondered how faith healers make it appear as though someone has actually been healed? Or how they can know personal things about someone in their audience whom they’ve never met? Miracles for Sale will show you.

WARNING: This movie contains a smattering of profanity (I tried counting. I believe it was about 5-6 words). It was made by an atheist and other non-Christians, and that’s how atheists and non-Christians talk sometimes (which, of course, is not to excuse this sin, merely to explain it). Additionally, since this movie was made by non-Christians, it does not contain a doctrinally sound theological response to the evil of faith healing. If these things would cause you to stumble or make you uncomfortable in any way, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.

5 thoughts on “Movie Tuesday: Miracles for Sale”

  1. This was a long video but well worth viewing. Wow, imagine that the unbelievers had such a moral crisis portraying these phony faith healers! How sickening and devilish are these charlatans, esp when they go to poor countries.
    Thank you for this enlightening program.


  2. Wow! I was so uncomfortable for Nathan as he developed the “false” Pastor James Collins. What a struggle, yet I am thankful he stayed with the job and at the end “explained” the purpose behind the meeting. My heart hurt for those in the audience and I also wondered about the guest pastor on stage who introduced “James.” He was visibly nervous but did not stop those final comments from being shared with the listeners. I am not surprised at what happened at Copeland’s compound. The lie of the security guard or police officer is not a surprise either. He is heavily guarded from what I have been told by those who support his ministry. I have also seen his security first hand at the one and only meeting I attended three years ago in Sacramento CA. I was seated three rows behind him and his entourage who came in after the worship. Which I found rather strange since it was a “healing” meeting. And yes, there was an offering taken.


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