Women of Genesis Bible Study

The Women of Genesis: Lesson 28

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Read Genesis 37


Questions to Consider

1. Where was “the land of [Jacob’s] father’s sojournings”? (1) Review lesson 27 (link above) if necessary.

2. How many children (sons and daughtersΒ (35)) did Jacob have, and what were their names? Which of Jacob’s children does chapter 37 focus on? Why? (36, Exodus 1:1-6)

3. What are some principles we can learn from Jacob, Joseph, and the brothers about being godly parents, children, and siblings both in our biological families and our church families?

4. In what ways does Jacob’s unique love and honor for Joseph paint a picture of God’s unique love and honor for Christ, His Son, as well as for us, His sons and daughters through Christ?

5. What are some elements of Joseph’s life that point us ahead to the life and ministry of Christ?


















6. Compare and contrast verses 5-8 with the subsequent mistreatment Joseph received at the hands of his brothers. Might Joseph have been tempted to focus on his circumstances and allow them to cause him to doubt God’s Word to him in 5-8?

7. How did the brothers’ sin impact their family? How has your own sin impacted your family and/or your church family?


Have you ever been in a situation as dire as Joseph’s that caused you to doubt the truth of God’s written Word? How was God faithful to bring you through that situation? In what ways did He show Himself to be true to His Word? Find a passage of Scripture that proved true in your situation, and write it out.

Suggested Memory Verse

Then they took Joseph’s robe and slaughtered a goat and dipped the robe in the blood.
Genesis 37:31