Movie Tuesday: Making Sure Kids Stay in Church as Adults

Children who sit with their parents in “big church” are more likely to
stay in church as adults than those who spend the
worship hour in children’s activities.

It’s more detrimental to youth to have a series of youth pastors than to have no youth pastor at all.

These are just two of the fascinating statistics included in Dr. Steve Parr’s recent seminar for the Louisiana Baptist Convention’s ReGroup small group leader training workshop. It’s great information for those in children’s, youth, or student ministry, and if you’re a parent with children still in the home, or a grandparent, you’ll definitely want to watch and give some thought to your church’s programs and how your own family worships.

(Disclaimer: I am not familiar enough with Dr. Parr to recommend or warn against following him. I screened him very briefly for associations with several major false teachers and did not find any with the exception that he quotes John Maxwell – whom I do not recommend – occasionally in his writing. The video above is the only material of Dr. Parr’s I have viewed. As always, please compare all media you consume to Scripture and reject anything that is out of line with God’s word.)

3 thoughts on “Movie Tuesday: Making Sure Kids Stay in Church as Adults”

  1. My husband and I keep our children with us during the church service and even during Sunday School. We firmly believe it is our job to train them up…not to send them off to others to teach. Thus, why we also homeschool! 🙂


  2. We are blessed to go to a family integrated church where kids above 3rd grade always come to service with their families…..and many families keep thier younger than 3rd grade kids in church with them. Its a wonderful experience.


  3. This can become a divisive issue in churches, as can the parents’ choice of schooling. While I have no problem with parents keeping their children in church services. I do have an issue when it is not done with respect to other members of the congregation and their ability to worship and hear the sermon. It’s a balance, and a wise parent should know when is the right time, and not just follow a “pattern” set up by some other parent(s) that it’s the only way to do it.

    One person commenting on here mentioned third grade. That is indeed old enough. It’s when the parents make an “agenda” of bringing very young children – from infancy and up – that discernment is required as to whether the parent or the very young child is getting anything out of the worship service.

    I will look into the statistics you have listed. I would like to know the source and way these statistics were gathered. I do not think all Youth Ministries are wrong or bad. There again, there has to be balance. Many are there for “sanctified entertainment,” as we well know. I wouldn’t paint with a broad brush and say all of them are, though.

    I don’t agree with his statement about a variety of Youth Ministers compared to no Youth Minister. We can’t shelter our children from the world. They need to have interaction with a variety of teachers and leaders, and, yes, they will not all be what we would personally choose for them. However, once they get out into the world, whether in college or the workplace, they will be interacting with all sorts of people. It will be better that they learn how to handle personality and other issues while at home, then when they are out on their own and it is all new to them. SDG


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