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Even More Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women


Where are all the doctrinally sound female Bible teachers?

Can’t you just recommend somebody – anybody – whose Christian book we can walk into a store, pick up off the best-seller shelf, and buy?

Unfortunately, with a few rare exceptions, the answer is no. There are several reasons for that which I won’t go into in this article, but, generally speaking, you’re not going to be able to walk into your local Christian retailer and buy a book authored by a doctrinally sound Christian woman whose name you recognize. Women who rightly handle God’s word? You’ll usually find them out of the spotlight and close to home- serving their husbands, families, and local churches, and impacting them with the gospel- too busy for book tours and autograph sessions.

That’s the kind of Christian women you’ll find below, only they’ve dedicated their moments of spare time to edifying others online. Their blogs and podcasts can be a great leisure time supplement to what you’re learning in church- but they’re not a substitute. Look to your pastor, good teachers, and the godly women of your church for teaching and discipleship.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don’t take my (or anyone else’s) word for it that any ministry, podcast, book, or blog is biblical in its doctrine. You MUST do the work of comparing with Scripture everything you read and hear. If it doesn’t match up with God’s word (in context), chuck it.

beautiful-thing11. Beautiful Thing– If you’ve been with me for a while, you might recognize Jess’s name as the author of a couple of our awesome guest posts. Regarding the mission of Beautiful Thing, Jessica says, “My heart for this ministry is to provide biblical strength for women that will encourage you to be, like Mary, devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. In this ministry you will find theological and biblical teaching, exploration into women’s issues, and some biblical counseling.”  Facebook  Twitter

2. enCourage– “enCourage is a blog of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) Women’s Ministries. Women’s Ministries seeks to equip, connect, and encourage women in the church to know Christ personally and be committed to extending His kingdom in her life, home, church, community, and throughout the world…you will find articles on topics related to all areas of a woman’s life and faith. We seek to point our readers to God’s Word, and encourage women to apply the gospel to all of life.” Twitter

3. The Verity Fellowship– “The Verity Fellowship is a gospel-centered ministry of Western Seminary, encouraging and equipping women to use Scripture well…We want women to be reminded of the beauty and importance of Jesus Christ as they teach the Bible so that his centrality flows into every aspect of their ministries. We do this through our blog…our annual events, our conference, our forum, and our training.” Be sure to catch their podcast, Verity Voices, as well (also available on iTunes). Facebook  Twitter

sheolgians-transparent-logo-small4. Sheologians– The tagline of this podcast says it all, “Theology for women. No doilies allowed.” Tune in weekly (available on iTunes) for episodes dealing with…well, you never know. From feminism to abortion, chick-lit to Christian bands, Summer Jaeger and Joy Temby tackle a wide array of topics, both sacred and secular, from a biblical perspective. It’s good theology with a healthy dose of hilarity. Check out their articles, too! Facebook  Twitter

5. Adorned– You might recognize this blog better by the author’s name, Jen Thorn, wife of pastor and author, Joe Thorn. About her blog, Jen says, “I have a passion for theology and a desire to help women see that having a right theology is important if we want to live right, that doctrine is very practical and that the cross of Christ affects every area of our life.” Facebook  Twitter

6. Wise in His Eyes– Rebekah has written a number of helpful reviews of books authored by false teachers, which you’ll find linked in my articles. About her blog, Rebekah says: “Through biblical articles and book reviews, Wise in His Eyes seeks to help women exercise discernment in what they read and believe about themselves, God, and holy living…There is a lot of chaff masquerading as wheat. We need sound doctrine and solid teaching on theology and practical living–knowing who God is and what it means to love and serve God as a woman.” Facebook  Twitter

13769484_535003016687346_879246475844382974_n 7. Berean Examiner– You probably know Amy Spreeman best from her main blog, Berean Research, but you can’t keep this discernment dynamo contained to merely one URL. Amy keeps another blog, Berean Examiner, over at the Pirate Christian Radio web site where she writes on all topics discernment-related. Subscribe to Fighting for the Faith (available on iTunes) and you’ll also get to hear Amy (along with Chris Rosebrough and Steve Kozar) occasionally on the podcast. Twitter

8. Fish with Trish– A pastor’s (Emilio Ramos) wife and new mom, Trish Ramos has a passion for evangelism and equipping women to share the gospel. While you’ll find some great resources at Fish With Trish, these days you’ll most often find Trish appearing on Wretched with Todd Friel on Witness Wednesdays as she shows us how easy evangelism can be. Facebook  Twitter

9. Theology Gals– “Theology Gals is a podcast by women, for women. Coleen, Angela, and Ashley bring a biblical, Reformed Christian perspective to the table. They discuss theology, studying God’s word and the importance of applying it to the Christian life.” And be sure to join the Theology Gals Facebook discussion groupFacebook  Twitter

10. Women’s Hope Project– “Women’s Hope Project exists to support women as they minister generationally to each other within their local church. Each of us has known the great value of sharing community with women of all ages locally and we are burdened to help other women enjoy the unparalleled joy of local church ministry.” Join Kim and Kimberly on the Women’s Hope Podcast, find edifying articles on the blog, and follow Women’s Hope Project on social media. Facebook  Twitter

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