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A Few MORE Good Men: 10 Doctrinally Sound Male Teachers


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Doctrinally Sound Christian Men to Follow – 2

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      1. Thank you for your list of favorite pastors. I’d like to add Phil Johnson GTY ; mike Ricardo GTY; Steve Lawson, Paul Washer; Sinclair Ferguson and Ravi Zacharias


  1. Thank you so much for this list! I linked over to your first list and all but one of them I am familiar with. John MacArthur has especially been instrumental in my growth. I am looking forward to learning from the godly men you have listed here. There are so few anymore and names we have trusted since I can remember are caving and compromising at an alarming rate!

    I also wanted to put a plug in for my brother. He graduated from Masters Seminary about 15 years ago and pastors Grace Church of North Olmsted (, a growing church near Cleveland. He is an excellent expositor of the word and I know you would appreciate him very much. I am giving the link here for a recent sermon he gave on meditation–pagan vs. biblical. It really helps clarify what has been such a confusing and cloudy matter to so many.

    Sermon Link:


    1. Hi Catherine-

      Charles Stanley is pretty much doctrinally sound as far as I know, but his teaching is kind of shallow. I’d encourage you to give some of the gents on this list a try for a deeper dig into God’s word.

      Andy Stanley is someone I actively warn people away from. He is definitely a false teacher. For more information on his anti-biblical teachings, click here, here, here, and here.


    1. Unfortunately, as dynamic and energetic as he is, TD Jakes is one of the worst false teachers out there. Not only does he subscribe to the Word of Faith (prosperity gospel) heresy, he also holds an anti-biblical view of the Trinity (modalism), which puts him outside the camp of Christianity. Here are a few good resources in case you might need more information:

      T.D. Jakes
      Concerns about the Teachings of T. D. Jakes
      The False Teachers: T.D. Jakes


  2. I’d like to add Pastor Eric Douma from Twin City Fellowship and Bible teacher Bob DeWaay. I have been listening to them for years now. Thank you!


    1. Hi Venessa-

      Let me reassure you that neither this article nor the prior one (A Few Good Men) are intended to be exhaustive. Praise God, there are many more good male pastors and teachers out there! I just haven’t gotten around to writing volume 3 of this series yet :0)

      Paul Tripp is excellent. Alistair Begg is one of my favorites. I recommended him here.

      The other three men, while I don’t usually warn people away from them, and their doctrine is generally sound, are on my “caution light” list, so I’m not proactively endorsing them right now.

      John Piper concerns me because of his embracing of false teachers Rick Warren, Beth Moore and Christine Caine. I’m also confused by his complementarianism. He will go so far as to say that women shouldn’t be police officers – which isn’t forbidden by Scripture – but will share the stage with Beth Moore and Christine Caine WHILE they are preaching to men – which is forbidden by Scripture.

      Tim Keller believes in theistic evolution. He has also made some concerning ecumenical remarks in the past.

      I was a big Matt Chandler fan for several years, but 2 or 3 years ago, it just seemed like his preaching was slipping a little bit. Nothing huge, and I couldn’t really put my finger on it, it just seemed like he wasn’t sticking as tightly to Scripture as he had in the past. Additionally, he has tweeted a couple of positive things about false teachers that concerned me, and, most concerning to me, Matt’s wife, Lauren, seems to be associating herself with a number of false teachers. Just last year she spoke at IF: Gathering 2015 (see the Popular False Teachers tab at the top of this page), sharing the stage with Christine Caine, Ann Voskamp, Jennie Allen, Rebekah Lyons, and Jen Hatmaker. From what I’ve seen on Twitter she is also friends with several of these women as well as Beth Moore.

      One of the qualifications for being a pastor is: “He must manage his own household well…for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church?” 1 Timothy 3:4-5. When a pastor’s wife habitually gallivants around with false teachers, that’s an area of his household he’s not managing well. I’m hoping that enough people have raised this issue with both Matt and Lauren that she will be more discerning about the people she does ministry with, and befriends, in the future, so I’m keeping an eye on the situation, and hope to be able to recommend him (and her) again in the future.


  3. In recent months I have been occasionally checking out Matthew Henry’s commentaries as I’ve been doing my personal Bible reading. Apart from the fact that it’s free (yay!), I’ve been trying to do some research and haven’t found (so far, and I hope, God willing, never will) anything un-Biblical/unsound…If his commentaries have withstood the test of time, I reckon I can stick with Mr. Henry. 🙂


  4. What do you think of Warren Wiersbe – he is in his 80s, now – but was a Moody preacher & has written loads of books. I use his commentaries all the time – but would love your input. Thanks!


  5. I am a big fan of the “old guys”. In addition to Spurgeon and Ryle, I would add J Gresham Machen, B.B. Warfield and Andrew Murray McCheyne, Newer old guys J.I. Packer and Alec Motyer are really sound. Last, but not least, Sinclair Ferguson. I have benefitted from his teaching messages and his books (particularly his series on the Sermon on the Mount and the book, The Whole Christ).


      1. Hi Michelle,

        I thank you appreciate your reply. Since I have found other reviews of John Bevere’s false teachings.

        I have another author I would really like your thoughts about as I have not been able to find anything on this woman. Her name is Stormie Omartain, She has many books on prayers one big one being called “The Power of a Praying Woman”. I would appreciate any information you may know of.

        Thank you, Judy



      2. Thank you Michelle I will check out that link. I have been using her books and have really enjoyed them. But I so don’t want to do anything against my faith that I shouldn’t do or be lead astray at all either. Do you see anything with using prayers like that for like myself to say and pray over? There are women in our church who say they prayer for their daughters future husbands, do feel that is a good prayer practice?

        I do keep praying for spiritual discernment and have been trying to learn more and educate myself with all that is out there. I have been feeling a bit discouraged and frustrated with all the deception out there and to even learn about that a lot of things I was taught is not entirely true, for example on tithing and speaking in tongues. And then like I said just finding out and hearing things about certain Artists music not really being good for example with Chris Tomlin and Philips, Craigs, and Dean to name a few. AND to even realize some things about Billy Graham now that I have read.

        It’s so frustrating to feel you can hardly trust anyone out there. It’s very concerning to me and has been heavy on heart.

        Thank you again for your time and guidance.


  6. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for this extensive list of doctrinally sound preachers and teachers! I know you can’t list them all but I’m wondering if you’d comment on a few others I don’t see on your Doctrinally Sound list or your False Teachers list. What are your thoughts on Mike Fabarez (Focal Point Ministries), Ravi Zacharias, and Max Lucado? Your website and blog posts have been a real blessing to me! Thank you!


    1. Hi Jody-

      Briefly, Mike Fabarez- yes. Max Lucado- no. (This kind of thing, plus he’s leaning mystical these days. Ravi Zacharias- no. I don’t know much about his doctrine, but I do know he has appeared on Joyce Meyer’s show, shared the stage with false teachers Levi Lusko and Christine Caine (Meyer and Caine both preach to men, so he must not have a problem with that) at the Passion 2016 conference, and was involved in a sexting scandal (with a woman not his wife) last year.


      1. Thank you Michelle, I appreciate your input! You confirmed my suspicions on Lucado and Zacharias and I am glad to hear you agree on Pastor Mike Fabarez. His studies on Focal Point Ministries (especially The Old Testament Survey) have been tremendously informative and edifying for me.


  7. Is Tony Evans biblically sound? I know he’s the father of Priscilla Shirer and I am aware she is not (biblically sound).


  8. Reading about so many false teachers makes me want to cry but I believe they are out there in droves and more and more. How can we not be discouraged by this and even question our own salvation at times? I think the answer is to lean heavily and stick with the Word, nothing else. It’s good to know there are also good Biblical teachers.


  9. I have come to love to listen to Voddie Baucham – my husband. and daughter also like him.

    What are your thoughts on Micheal Yousef- also what about Billy Graham
    I know Billy Graham was not Calvinist but what I saw of his Gospel message in more recent years – it was one of repentance and turning from sin- , Surrendering to Christ as Lord, not just saying a prayer.

    Do you believe one is not saved unless they are Calvinist? Do you consider one that is not Calvinist to be a false teacher. I don’t fully understand it but I have to believe God is Sovereign over salvation – but we are still responsible-

    What about Micheal and Debi Pearl- they are not Calvinist but they truly believe what you believe about women are not to teach men. I was given a book she authored- Created to Be His Helpmeet – it helped me through a terrible 5 years of marriage- along with much prayer. It is about the Biblical role of a wife and honoring and respecting your husband even in hard times- even if to honor the Lord only. Honoring a husband saved or lost and respecting and obeying him as long as he does not tell you to sin against the Lord . This family homeschools – the friend that gave this book to me is a pastors wife and they homeschool 10 children . Even though not Calvinist their teaching on marriage and training a child seem doctrinally sound- but I am asking you since you seem to have great discernment on false teachers according to God’s Word. I really would like your input on these teachers please.


    1. Hi Theresa- I’ve answered some of your questions in today’s Mailbag article, and will answer more in the future.

      No, I absolutely do not believe someone has to be a Calvinist in order to be saved, nor do I believe not being a Calvinist makes someone a false teacher. Most of the churches I have been a member of in my lifetime have not been Calvinist churches and I have known many good brothers and sisters who are not Calvinists. Calvinism is not even something I take into consideration when vetting teachers. But I will say this- as I have researched various teachers and then later found out whether or not they are Calvinists, there are exponentially more false teachers who aren’t Calvinists than who are.


      1. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you regarding the other teachers I mentioned. Thank you for clearing up my questions on Calvinism and salvation. I am not particularly in what claims to be a Calvinist church but our pastor does an excellent job of proclaiming the Sovereignty of God and that nothing in us would even desire Christ but that he pursues us and by his Grace puts that desire in us for him and Grants us the desire and ability for repentance which therefore leads to a transformed life . My brother is in a Reformed Baptist – Calvinist church and I know lots of them personally. They are truly a people of like minds for Christ , A church of genuine believers that stand out as different from those of this world . I am really thankful I came upon your website . It has cause me to think and search deeper on issues I already have been having concerns and questions about .


    2. Theresa, on Michael Y, I wouldn’t recommend him. The preaching was not expository and it looks like the church is changing.


  10. Hi Michelle,
    I’m curious who are number 8 and 9 that you deleted from this list. Who are they?
    Also, what do you think of Albert Mohler?


    1. I don’t remember for certain, but if they’re the two people I’m thinking of, you’ve probably never heard of them anyway. Al Mohler is generally doctrinally sound but he has been flirting with progressivism in the past few years. I’m not to the point where I would warn against him, but keep an eye on his position on social issues.


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