high-water-123201_1280For those that don’t know, I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You’ve probably seen some dramatic video of flooding in my area on the news. It’s a pretty serious situation, and we covet your prayers.

My family and I are fine for now. I live in a fairly large, spread out neighborhood. The main thoroughfares that form the perimeter of my neighborhood all have varying degrees of standing water and passability. Blessedly, our house is far enough “inland” from those streets that we do not have any water on our own street at all, much less in the house. We don’t have cell service, but we do still have power and satellite/internet as of the time I’m posting this. Unfortunately, we are expecting more rain this week.

I’ve received some questions about whether the flooding is worse than Katrina was. That’s a little tricky to answer. Katrina didn’t hit Baton Rouge anywhere near as hard as it hit New Orleans. So, yes, this flooding is much worse in Baton Rouge than Katrina was in Baton Rouge, but I’m not sure it’s quite as bad as Katrina was in New Orleans, if that makes sense.

All of this is mainly to let you know a) to keep us in prayer, and b) if you don’t see normally scheduled posts on the blog or on social media, or if I don’t answer e-mails, messages, or post blog comments for a while, it’s probably because our power or internet went out, or because we had to evacuate.

Thanks so much to all who have expressed concern and prayed for us :0)