False Doctrine, New Apostolic Reformation

SBC President Ronnie Floyd, Featured Speaker at New Apostolic Reformation’s IHOP


As a lifelong Southern Baptist it grieves me to have to report this, but if you’re Southern Baptist, you deserve to know and need to know what the president of your denomination is doing.

Above is a screen grab from the International House of Prayer’s (IHOP) web site. (If they don’t take it down, you can click here and see the page for yourself.) This page lists the speakers and worship leaders for IHOP’s Onething 2015 conference scheduled for late December. As you can see, SBC president, Dr. Ronnie Floyd is a featured speaker.

Why is this a problem?

IHOP is a demonic, New Apostolic Reformation organization which often cooperates with Bethel Church in Redding, California. Just to give a shorthand frame of reference you might be familiar with, these are the people who do “holy laughter” and faith healing, crawl around on the floor barking like dogs during worship services, get “drunk” on the Holy Spirit, go into spasms and convulsions when “possessed” by the Holy Spirit,  etc. Any weird signs and wonders type of thing you’re familiar with most likely started at or is practiced by Bethel/IHOP.


And your SBC president is joining cooperatively with proponents of this false doctrine to put on Onething in defiance of 2 Corinthians 6:14-17, 2 John 9-11, 1 Corinthians 5:11 and all of the other passages that tell us we are not to give aid or quarter to those who are damned because they preach another gospel.

Now, either Dr. Floyd knows about the false doctrine of IHOP, or he does not. If he knows, then he is in egregious sin for choosing to defy Scripture by cooperating with this demonic organization. If he doesn’t know, it says a great deal about his lack of discernment. There is no excuse for someone at the highest level of leadership in our denomination, with a master’s degree and a doctoral degree from seminary, to be ignorant about the theology of a group he is choosing to work with, or at least not to do a modicum of research about them before agreeing to speak.

But don’t take my word for it. I’m listing below some links explaining the problems with Bethel and IHOP. Educate yourself, then share this information with your pastor and others you know in local or national SBC leadership. If you know Ronnie Floyd personally, contact him, ask him why he’s doing this, and urge him not to. Galatians 6:1 tells us:

Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

Dr. Floyd may be president of the SBC, but he is first and foremost our brother in Christ, and he deserves that we love him by correcting him, helping him, and restoring him to obedience to God’s word, and preventing him from leading others astray.


What is the International House of Prayer (IHOP)?

The Dangers of the International House of Prayer (IHOP)

The International House of Prayer?

Love and Death in the House of Prayer

The Deception of the International House of Prayer (additional resources listed under the video)

IHOP is Dangerous! Stephanie’s Testimony

SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY- False spirits invade the church – KUNDALINI WARNING Parts 1-3

What Is The New Apostolic Reformation?

New Apostolic Reformation

Thanks to My Word Like Fire, Berean Research, Christian Research Network, and Psalm 21 Outreach for breaking this story.

21 thoughts on “SBC President Ronnie Floyd, Featured Speaker at New Apostolic Reformation’s IHOP”

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I am very glad a SBC member is voicing concerns. I am not sure about Bethel and IHOP being “affiliated” at least in a formal sense. Much in common, that is for sure, including NAR philosophy and bells and whistles theology. Bethel music folk will be playing at Onething 2015.

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    1. Hi “My Word”-

      Yeah, I know there’s some kind of connection there that I read about somewhere, I just don’t remember what it is and couldn’t find it in a cursory search, so I adjusted the wording. IHOP and Bethel are lumped together too often for there NOT to be some kind of connection at some level. Thanks for the heads up :0)

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      1. You’re welcome. Yes, please do pray for Dr. Floyd with me. Also, please pray that God will raise up someone he respects to talk to him about this. I have e-mailed him, but I’m sure he’s very busy and doesn’t get a chance to check his inbox very often.

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    1. Hmmm…ok, I think I see what you’re saying – “partnering” as in an ongoing, cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship for the foreseeable future? I wasn’t thinking that far ahead, but I truly hope not.

      I meant partnering with them to put on this conference. He is cooperating and sharing in the work with IHOP to put on this conference, and I assume they’re paying him some sort of honorarium, accommodations, etc. It seems highly unlikely that he will use his time on the platform to rebuke IHOP for their false doctrine (although if he did, he’d get loud kudos from me), so he’s giving tacit approval to it by his very presence. All of that would also fit the bill for the word “partnership” in 2 Corinthians 6:14.

      Anyway, that was my thought process in choosing the word “partner,” but I love and respect you, Mike, and am open to your godly counsel :0)


      1. The love and respect is mutual, my friend. Personally, I think partner is a bit too strong of a word. When I read that title I’m thinking that Ronnie Floyd and IHOP are working together in a mutually beneficial relationship. I’m not seeing that. I see him speaking there. Again, I don’t believe I’d accept that invitation, but I also don’t know.

        I’ve got mad respect for Matt Chandler and I know he’s went to some of these places like this and simply brought the gospel. Will Ronnie Floyd do that, I dunno. But calling it partnership seems a bit premature in my opinion. “Partnering” is a big word. I’d use a different word so that if there truly is a partnership you’ve still got that big word to use. It waters it down to use it for this instance. Just my thoughts!

        Appreciate your faithfulness to Christ!


      2. Thank you for the advice Mike. I re-read everything and I think you are right about the connotation and impact, so I made some adjustments. I also used partner/partnering way too repetitively in such a short piece, and I hate to do that, so, if only for that reason, I needed to change up the wording.

        I vividly remember when Matt Chandler spoke badly needed biblical truth at Elevation’s Code Orange Revival. It took a lot of guts and my already high opinion of him absolutely soared. I would love nothing better than for Dr. Floyd to follow in Matt’s footsteps, but, unfortunately, I’ve seen actions and associations on his part which lead me to believe that will not happen.

        Soooo….how would you feel about being nominated for the presidency at the next convention? :0)

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  2. I appreciate what mikeleake2 said and your responses to him. I think the Chandler reference you made in the last comment I see is the point to remember. And I’m not a Floyd fan at all. I think it is fair to be concerned (and voice those concerns), but also we ought to be careful to allow for the possibility that Floyd will do a good thing for our precious Lord.

    I know some good men who’s general policy is to go wherever they are allowed to preach whatever they want. Doesn’t seem like a bad policy if one stays faithful to Christ.


    1. I agree, and if he does go there and uses his time to rebuke or correct their false teaching, I will joyously publicize it here and on social media. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, his history leads me to believe this will not be the case. Here’s hoping and praying he proves me wrong.

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      1. I think this is a sensitive subject which requires much grace and discernment. Let me share this example.

        A church we would not recommend down the street from our church had some kind of conference and the ‘pastor’ asked my pastor to speak. My pastor accepted, as long as they would not pay him and that he would be allowed to preach the gospel.

        So my pastor went to this event and preached a good gospel message. Sounds great. Except two things which still bother me about it.

        1. After he spoke, they came up and asked for money for the ‘speaker’ and then passed around plates. Although my pastor received no payment, it could have been perceived he was ‘one of them.’

        2. Every time I drove to church for a few weeks, I would have to drive by a banner with my pastor’s name and photo along with 3 other people with whom I wouldn’t want to be associated. So, even though he did a good thing, and the people WHO ATTENDED this conference heard the gospel, I still wonder what his apparent association with the group did for people who simply drove by and saw this sign. Maybe someone who was looking for a good church drove past, but then, when they perceived an association with this other church, they just kept on driving.

        I’m not sure there’s a right or wrong answer, but those things come to mind. Thanks for letting me comment.

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      2. Michael-

        I think those are extremely good points and I completely agree with them. I also think that (delineating false doctrine from sound doctrine) is one of the Holy Spirit’s reasons behind the Scriptures I cited in the article. If we don’t “come out from among them and be ye separate” how will the world, and Christians who may not be very knowledgeable or discerning about false doctrine, know what is true and what is not?

        This is my major concern about Dr. Floyd speaking at IHOP. His very presence at the conference gives the impression that he approves of the demonic doctrine they teach as biblical, and the fact that he is speaking at the conference, even more so.

        I deal with Christian women every day who buy false doctrine at LifeWay because “if LifeWay sells it, it must be biblical.” They have flat out TOLD me that. So I don’t think it’s a reach to ask: is that what we want the average “person in the pew” to think about IHOP because their president is speaking at Onething? My heart absolutely breaks for the people this will lead astray.

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  3. Reading in Haggai there is a section in the second chapter where the Lord asks two questions. In v. 12 he shows that holiness is not communicated and in v. 13 where unholiness is communicated. As a woman married to someone who swallows the demonic doctrine of IHOP, Morningstar, and more whole I can see where this would be seen as a progressive move toward ‘truth’ for Southern Baptists.

    God could use Floyd or Floyd could drop the ball. Wouldn’t they very carefully vet anyone who’s speaking there? So far, in all that I’ve read and watched v. 14 of Haggai applies to IHOP, I pray Floyd doesn’t bring uncleanliness back with him to drag people down with them.

    Please let us know what his message to them says. Thank you very much for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

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