Parenting, Poetry

The Prodigal’s Mom

There’s an empty chair at the table
Where my child once used to sit
When we all broke bread together
A family whole and fit

There’s an empty place in the photo
As his siblings celebrate
Without him again, missing him in
The memories they create

There’s an empty stocking at Christmas
Another year far from home
Joy with tarnished edges
As the wayward one still roams

There’s an empty place in my heart
That longs to be peaceful, content
Praying my child heeds the call of Christ
But fearing he’ll never repent

And so goes the song - it goes on and on -
Of a godly mother’s heart
Life’s full of empty moments
Her prodigal’s sin imparts

Until our knees and hearts are raw
We pray and pray again
A thousand tears we offer up
“How long, O Lord?” and “When?”

And the Father who once welcomed us home 
- For we were His prodigals too -
Says, “Come and rest, and stand the test,
My grace is sufficient for you.”

14 thoughts on “The Prodigal’s Mom”

    1. Thank you for these words of encouragement. 12 years ago, my prodigal son ended his life.
      I have been resting in the all-sufficient grace of Christ, proving the words of Psalm 63:3, “Thy lovingkindness is better than life.”

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  1. Thank you for this. I am a mom to a prodigal son. Some days are harder than others. 💔 I needed encouragement today and God used your words to reach me.

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Heart-rending on many levels. God bless this mom who’s suffering, and all those moms and dads in the same sea of uncertainty. God does not waste one single tear.

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  3. This brings me to tears. I’ve cried so many these last few months, and it seems to be increasing every day. Thank you for sharing this. I needed encouragement today.

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  4. I am in tears.

    I am already trying to prepare my heart for the first Christmas not shopping for my wayward one. Most days are pretty good. But then I’ll see something random that just causes the pain to rush over me.

    Thank you for this poem. It’s exactly where I am. ❤️

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