Hurricane Ida

Just a quick heads up: In case the blog schedule is interrupted next week, it’s all Ida’s fault. :0)

This is our local news guy, Jay. I know everybody thinks Louisiana + hurricane = Katrina, but in the Baton Rouge area, Gustav and Andrew did more damage. We were without power for about a week after each of them, and at my house, we lost a rather large tree during Gustav, whereas during Katrina we got some wind and rain and the power was out for maybe 30 minutes. The good news is, Ida should die down to a Cat. 1 by the time it gets to us.

Anyway we’ll probably spend today prepping and battening down the hatches, and having a hurricane party (aka: grilling all the meat from the freezer before it spoils) next week if the power’s out. And if it is, I obviously won’t be posting anything on the blog.

I’ll check in on social media when I can. Your prayers are appreciated.