A Polling Place

There are so many heavy issues to deal with out there. I wanted to do something a little lighter today, so I thought we’d do some polls and let you share your thoughts. If you choose “other” on any of the questions and want to elaborate on your choice, you may do so in the comments section (it will be helpful if you tell us the number of the question you’re addressing).

Some questions are more serious, some are just for fun. Answer any or all. Let’s hear what you think!

Any more thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments!

34 thoughts on “A Polling Place”

  1. Question #3 — I prefer regular sized sandiwiches with chips or potato salad, pasta salad; that type of thing.
    Questiion #7;— The better the sermon the less likely I’m going to get fidgety.


      1. Agree on question 7. Quality of sermon determines my start of fidgeting. (Although my small children really struggle after about 40/60 mins of sitting, so I guess that makes me fidget too 😂)


    1. Yes! My church sings moatly traditional hymns with a few 1980’s and 1990’s praise songs. I would love to see us mix it up with theologically sound praise music from the 21st century😁.


    2. For question #4, I prefer a mix of traditional hymns and modern hymns/spiritual songs. The Psalms set to music would be welcome. (Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs as described in Eph. 5:19)


  2. Number one problem facing the church right now is the lack of the clear message of the Gospel: you are a sinner on your way to hell if you do not repent and place your faith in Christ.

    Everything else builds off that.


    1. I agree. I selected other because I live in the Bible belt area of KY and the Full Counsel of the Gospel is not taught or believed by the majority when it is taught. It is my opinion that if the Full Counsel was taught and the scriptures were thoroughly searched and preached then a choice would be made: You either truly commit your life to Christ and follow Him as His Word teaches or you are no longer able to come sit it a pew because you realize you reject it and hypocrisy isn’t welcomed.


  3. I love traditional hymns, but I also love some of the contemporary hymns that draw us to worship, not because of repeated injunctions to do so, but because of the focus on the greatness of our God and what He has done.


  4. Re #1 – All the other issues flow from churches NOT properly teaching the inerrancy of Scripture/authoritative Word of God.
    #7 – it depends on how fidgety my kids are that day
    #8 – I have only seen 1 movie on this list (it was part of a small group viewing at church many years ago) mainly because I hate watching bad movies (bad acting, bad theology and not very entertaining). Give me Jane Austen ANY day of the week.


    1. I agree with your response to Q8. I haven’t seen enough of them to properly judge which was worse and have no desire to do so. Why waste my time with the bad acting and sappiness when there are more entertaining things to watch?


  5. Seems to me that lack of seriousness comcerning the authority of Scripture is the worst problem listed, from which the others spring. I really think the misinterpretation/twisting of Scripture is a huge problem, as well as not enough emphasis on the character of God. We need to take Him and His word far more seriously.

    Combination of traditional hymns and contemporary/worship songs.

    What on earth is screamo?! 🤣🤣🤣

    Also completely agree with Robbie above. I get real fidgety if the sermon is “off” somehow, or too lite. I could sit through good sermons all day.


  6. #5 — This one is hard for me because I am not well-versed enough in the details of each of these. I was raised Catholic, but haven’t identified with that for years (and now even more so!), and the churches I’ve gone to in recent years have been non-denominational. In looking for a new church using the search bar above, the Baptist churches are ones that appear, so I’ve been researching those.

    #7 — I actually wish the Pastor’s sermons were longer. Where I attended church, it was a lot of singing, then a good 30 minutes of self-congratulatory back-patting with their announcements, and the Pastor would preach for about 15 minutes and that was it. So sad.


  7. I voted “opera” on the worship question just to see how many votes it got. Turns out I’m the only one haha. (But I do love opera!)
    In all seriousness, though, I think I prefer old hymns in church.


  8. I’ll take any food as far as question number 3 is concerned…preferably something not messy.
    For question number 4, I like traditional and modern hymns and songs.


  9. I loved that there was only one option for the last question..made me laugh. 😂 Thank you for the fun and interesting poll.


  10. Theological stream not present: Reformed 🙂
    and, generally speaking, I don’t get fidgety. I’m an avid note-taker so that definitely helps keep me engaged. If anyone reading finds that it is difficult to sit still and stay engaged, I would encourage you to start taking notes. It’s a form of active listening and often helps engage the listener more fully!


    1. Hi Joanna- I’m one who fidgets the entire time, but I’m so engaged I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I glanced down in church the other day and noticed I was tapping my foot and that it was probably driving other people on my pew crazy! :0)

      I didn’t list “Reformed” because it is a subset of the major categories I’ve listed. Lutherans and Presbyterians are, historically, Reformed. (Hard to say if the more liberal branches of those denominations could still be considered Reformed.) Baptists can be Reformed, Arminian, or a blend of the two, and Bible churches are kind of the same. The major categories of Baptist, Lutheran, etc., have more to do with ecclesiology, views on the sacraments/ordinances, baptism, etc.


  11. #6 – I have no idea. I’m known for speaking out against false teachers, so lost won’t mention these to me.

    #8 – I haven’t seen enough of these to make a choice.


  12. I had a hard time choosing just one option for #1. They’re all equally important issues. They can’t be addressed though if we don’t first believe in the authority/sufficiency of the scripture. Also #6 was difficult to choose just one option. I know in the past the women’s ministry at my church has done many Beth Moore bible studies. We just finished one with Jen Wilkin whom I didn’t know much about until afterwards. They are currently doing a Priscilla Shirer study that I will not attend. I really enjoyed this poll and look forward to more of them.


  13. Here are my answers:

    1. Authority/sufficiency of Scripture – although I do agree with those of you who said “preaching the biblical gospel”. I should have made that an option. (I guess that’s just such a given with me that it didn’t occur to me to list it.)

    2. Real, but I use both. I use my real Bible for the main passage, and the Bible app on my phone for related passages the pastor or teacher wants us to look at so I don’t lose my place in the main passage.

    3. In-betweenish

    4. Hymns. (I get that some of y’all prefer a blend of traditional and contemporary, but the question was which *style* {genre} of music do you prefer. Perhaps I should have made that clearer. Props to those who like sea shanties. :0)

    5. Baptist. (“Reformed / Calvinistic” is a subset of Baptist, Bible church, etc.)

    6. I think it’s probably Beth Moore with IF: Gathering / Lysa TerKeurst rising.

    7. I fidget the whole time without even realizing it. Totally get where you’re coming from if you said, “It’s unbiblical *content* that makes me fidget, not the length.”. For me, personally, that goes way beyond fidgeting. I would have to leave before I had a stroke. (Also, notice the question specified “your” pastor. If your pastor is preaching unbiblical content, get thee to the “Searching for a new church?” tab in the blue menu bar at the top of this page, pronto.)

    8. Toss up between The Shack and Heaven is for Real. If forced to choose, I guess I’d go with The Shack. The blasphemy and heresy is more on the nose. (I actually really like the Jesus of Nazareth miniseries even though it’s not perfect. Don’t hate. :0)

    9. Yes, let’s!


  14. I take notes so I don’t fidget; usually I correlate a good sermon with plenty of notes. If the minister is waffling around the same point 3 different ways, there’s only one note and the fidgeting sets in.

    Anyone else the same?


  15. Hi, I’m from Canada and can’t respond to the poll. This often happens to me with American websites/blogs. The message I receive is – Server error. Please try again.
    I am looking forward to the results – very interested in all the questions. Thanks.


  16. My ‘other’ for Church issues is the lack of unity within our congregations. Unity under Christ crucified. Not to join with doctrine that is not biblical but join with all believers. Sticking points dont need to be used as caution tape around individuals. This is something in my own heart that i was judging or afraid of where others were “wrong”. Like there are big fish that should be thrown out and i guess in the new testament i studied what issues were in the church and what action was taken. I guess i was able to see what the small fish and even tons of things that dont get mentioned. So hard, but we’ve got to love first…if we even know how anymore


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