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Give a Church for Christmas

This Christmas season, I’d like to offer you an opportunity to help me give our brothers and sisters in Christ a gift – a gift that won’t cost you a dime.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m passionate about helping people find doctrinally sound churches to join. I’ve recently been updating my list of Reader Recommended Churches, but we can always use more recommendations for doctrinally sound churches, especially in the states that don’t have very many recommendations and in countries outside the United States. I’ve made the list, you check it twice. If recommendations are naught, be nice and make one! :0)

Please read this part…

Please read the guidelines here for submitting a church for consideration. If you have a personal connection to a solid church that’s not on the list, or if you have a recommendation for a doctrinally sound church search engine or church planting organization that’s not listed here, comment below with:

🎄The full, correctly spelled name of the church (or church search engine / planting org.)
🎄The city and state, or city and country it’s located in
🎄The church’s (or church search engine’s / planting org’s.) website. Churches and search engines / planting orgs. submitted without a website will not be considered.

Folks, I truly appreciate your recommendations, but PLEASE click the links above to see if your church or church search engine is already on the list. About a third of the recommendations I’ve received so far are already on the list, and it takes time to weed those out.

How many churches can we add to the list? Let’s add a bunch and make it a merry Christmas for our brothers and sisters who are searching for a new church! Thanks for your help!

(Just a reminder – as it says above the comment box, I handle all comments manually, so your comment will not appear immediately. When I add (or decline to add) your church to the list, I’ll post your comment.)

51 thoughts on “Give a Church for Christmas”

    1. Hi Krys- Thank you so much for taking the time to make a recommendation. Unfortunately, I’m unable to add them to the list since they are part of the CRC. I’ve explained some of the problems with the CRC here.


  1. We personally haven’t been to this church as it’s too far away from where we live but we have dear friends who attend there and love it. Our friend, a man is a retired minister so he knows his doctrine, which is Calvanistic in nature. We have been “attending” online due to health issues and I think it’s the best expository preaching I’ve ever heard. The name of the church is Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas.


    1. Hi Leanne- Thank you so much for taking the time to recommend KBC. Unfortunately, the content on the website (particularly the “Beliefs” page) is rather sparse, and I don’t have enough information to feel comfortable adding them to the list at this time. With a more informative website as to KBC’s doctrine and practices, I would be more than glad to reconsider them in the future.


  2. I am an elder at “Surface Creek Community Church” in Austin, Colorado. We are a Reformed Theology Church and our web site is: address: Surface Creek Community Church
    21987 Austin Road
    PO Box 44
    Austin CO 81410
    Our Pastor’s name; John A. Copper and he has recently written a book: “The Diligence of Discipleship” and it is on Amazon.He has used expository teaching for more than 35 years.


      1. Thanks for the contact. Our website is: and on the pull down menu is a tab called “About us” and in that is the 10 point explanation or our belief statement. I don’t think it’s on there but we ascribe to the Westminster Confession and both shorter and longer catechisms. We also refer to the Belgic and one other catechism that at the moment won’t come to mind. I know our Pastor would like to get a mail address for you so he can send you his book.


  3. This is a link to a new presbytery with lots of information and a church directory. There is much information there on why this presbytery started and the distinctives embraced by it. So I would encourage anyone interested to read the articles that will give a background on it. There is an affiliation link of churches that have united with it. We can personally recommend Cornerstone Presbyterian in Destin, Florida from that list.


    1. Hi Megan- Thank you so much for taking the time to recommend FBC Choctaw. I’m so sorry, but I’m going to have to decline to put them on the list at this time. Reasons include: the emphasis on racial issues (one using materials by JD Greear who has been on a woke trajectory for some time), some of the wording in the statement of faith, participation in IF:Gathering last year, a Beth Moore study last year, recommendation of an Advent book by Ann Voskamp, and the fact that the Advent playlist includes artists like Elevation, Hillsong, Phil Wickham, and Lauren Daigle.


  4. Please consider adding “Cornerstone Baptist Church” located in Wylie, Texas. Cornerstone is a Reformed Baptist Church. The website is: – Thank you


  5. Dear Michelle,
    I have a church for you to add to your list. It is Emmaus Road Church in Stanwood, WA. The website is Thank you for providing this forum for finding and recommending solid Biblically based churches, especially in these current times.

    Elizabeth Kern


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