Speaking Engagements

Webinar and New Speaking Engagement Updates

There’s been quite the hustle and bustle of ministry activity around here lately, so I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with a few updates:

First and foremost, let me apologize again to any of you who registered for last Thursday’s webinar and were unable to get in due to the 100 attendee limit or other technological difficulties. We were not aware of the limit nor that anyone who registered would be unable to get in.

The good news is, Amy is finished editing the recording, and today, I will begin e-mailing the link to everyone who registered via PayPal. So be sure you check the e-mail address you used to register, and also be sure you check your spam folder since there will be a link in the e-mail, which will be coming from our AWFS G-mail account. (There were over 200 registrants, and I am sending these e-mails out manually and individually, so it may take a few days to receive yours.) If you registered via Patreon, simply go to our A Word Fitly Spoken Patreon page, and click on the post at the top entitled Discerning Women Webinar Recording Link to obtain the link.

The webinar recording is not being posted publicly, but if you would like to watch it, we will send you the private link as a thank you gift for your one-time or monthly PayPal or Patreon donation of $10 or more.

My publicity pictures were about 10 years old – practically false advertising! – so a few weeks ago, I had my daughter, Michaela, take a new set for me. (You can see all of them at the Photos tab in the blue menu bar at the top of this page, if you’re interested.) Michaela is a wonderfully talented photographer, and we spent a lovely afternoon on the campus of LSU getting these shots.


If you haven’t checked out the 2020-21 calendar on my Speaking Engagements page (in the blue menu bar at the top of this page), I’ve added several events recently. I hope you’ll find one you can attend! I’ll be posting more about each of these as the dates get nearer.

2020 Calendar:

July 13-17- Open Hearts in a Closed World women’s conference, online. All ladies are welcome to join me, Susan Heck, and more great speakers for this free conference on servanthood. Worship with CityAlight begins each day at 9:30 a.m. (Central), with the main teaching session at 10:00 a.m. (mine is on the 17th) followed by a fun breakout session. Conference sessions will be posted on IGTV (Instagram) and other video venues, and will remain posted after the 17th. I’ll share more details as I get them.

August 29- Women Thinking Wisely conference, Countryside Bible Church, Meade, Kansas. (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly for details.)

October 23-24– Breakout sessions for women, plus a live episode recording of A Word Fitly Spoken- Cruciform Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana

November 8-9- Women’s Conference, Ekalaka Bible Church in Ekalaka, Montana (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly for details.)

2021 Calendar:

January 29-30- Women’s Advance Conference, Agape Bible Church, Willits, California. (This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly for details.)


If you weren’t able to find an event to attend, host your own! I’d love to come speak to the ladies of your church or Christian organization. Check out the rest of the information on my Speaking Engagements page, including tips for hosting your own event even when you don’t have much money or experience.

A new feature I’ve added to make hosting a speaking engagement easier and less expensive is speaking engagement packages. Choose from my most popular biblical topics and the most common conference formats, and we’ll send you the set speaking fee for that conference. (Of course, if you have another topic you’d like me to speak on or a format that’s unique to your event, that option is still available.)

I hope to see you soon at an event near you!