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Guest Post: I’d Rather Be with You: An Open Letter to My Children

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I’d Rather Be with You:
An Open Letter to My Children

by Courtney Feulner

In a world where children are seen not as a blessing, but an inconvenience, I want you to know:
I’d rather be with you, my darlings.

While others are getting their eight hours of blissful slumber, and I wake for the third time with tired groans (and bags under my eyes), secretly,
I’d rather be with you.

When you greet me before the first morning light with sleepy eyes and wobbly steps, and other moms are off to their morning work-outs, I know this time is fleeting, so
I’d rather be with you.

While other kids your age are carted off from one activity to another, I know your time will come, but for now,
I’d rather be with you.

While other couples are trekking across the globe and taking adventurous trips, just the two of them, I look out and see you playing without a care in the world, and I smile because I know my time will come, and if given the choice,
I’d rather be with you.

When my name is on the invitation, and yours are not,
I’d rather be with you, my loves.

While career-woman chases financial freedom and grasps for the next rung, I consider her little ones who foot the bill. Money can’t buy what I have, so
I’d rather be with you, my sweet babies.

When you throw tantrums, big and stubborn like your personality, I laugh and cry because you’re cute and naughty, but I remember that this is all shaping who you are and who you will become. Even on the days when my wherewithal has been through it all, still,
I’d rather be with you.

When you make messes that I’ve cleaned up a million times already, and oh the piles of laundry, I recall how empty and vain it was before, and my heart knows that
I’d rather be with you.

When you come running with your ceramic mugs shouting, “Tea! Tea!” as I just sit down to enjoy my only-hot-for-so-long coffee,
I’d rather have it lukewarm and be with you.

When your eyes grow wide with excitement over a big story, and I try to hide my laughter and take you seriously (but I can’t because you’re too funny!), yes,
I’d rather be with you.

You see, the transient things, they come and they go, but you are a priceless gift! Without you I wouldn’t know the true satisfaction, the lasting blessing, the deep joy that comes from dying to self and living for others. You help me to see the gospel more clearly.

When I look into your wonder-filled eyes, when I truly take the time, and realize how much older you look than yesterday, oh my, how
I’d much rather be with you!

So, my little sweethearts, when the world doesn’t welcome you, this one thing I need you to know:
I’d always rather be with you.

Courtney is a homeschooling, stay-at-home-mama of two children. She received her degree in Elementary Education from Moody Bible Institute where she met her husband, Greg, and discovered her passion for teaching children. Together they are pursuing adoption.

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: I’d Rather Be with You: An Open Letter to My Children”

  1. I love this post. It is exactly how I felt with my little ones. They grew up faithful, respectful and caring. They wanted to serve, chose a ministry and went together to intern there.
    It was a popular false teacher’s ministry. I didn’t know. The statement of faith looked fine. Now they haven’t talked to us for 3 years. Be aware. Not all churches are what they seem.


  2. I love your blog. I have been following it for years.I listen to your podcast too. And as a longtime daily follower of your blog I just have to share that I’m super disappointed in this post. It’s mom shaming at its worst.


    1. Dale- Thank you for your kind words about me and my blog, and thank you so much for your faithful readership.

      This post is not “mom shaming”. If it were, I would not have posted it. If you’re a long time reader, you’ll recall that I have stated more than once that there are some mothers who have to work and there are seasons of life in which working does not conflict with motherhood.

      You’ll notice the article is entitled, “A Letter to My Children.” It is one mother’s reflection on her own position as a mother and on her love for her children. It is not directed at anyone else, telling anyone else what to do, or saying that anyone else is a bad mother.

      I edited your comment because I am assuming, since you do not want to be shamed as a mother, you would not want to shame another mother who has made different choices than you have.

      Blessings to you and your family, and may God continue to grow all of us in the grace and knowledge of Christ.


  3. Thank you so much for this post. It brought tears to my eyes! As a stay-at home mother to three under six, sometimes the days are hard and lonely, but I still wouldn’t give up this time with my children. They grow up much too quickly! I look back at how selfish I was before marriage and children (and still am) and I shudder. I pray God continues to help me die to self through this journey of motherhood. Thank you for the reminder that it is a beautiful life, no matter how unglamorous or unimportant it may seem to us or others!


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