Movie Tuesday: By What Standard?

…it seems like evangelicals, including Southern Baptists, are in danger of loosening their commitments to…basic, Christian commitments. Dangerous ideologies like Critical Theory and Intersectionality are gaining inroads into the thinking of some leaders, churches and organizations.

These ideologies are even being promoted among some evangelicals as reliable analytical tools that can assist our understandings and efforts in gospel ministry.

The result is that, in the name of social justice, many unbiblical agendas are being advanced under the guise of honoring and protecting women, promoting racial reconciliation, and showing love and compassion to people experiencing sexual dysphoria.

By What Standard? God’s World, God’s Rules is a documentary that presses those questions by showing how godless ideologies are influencing evangelical thought and life.

If you’re a Southern Baptist – especially if you don’t know what’s going on in your denomination outside the four walls of your own church – you desperately need to watch this documentary.

Because our local churches are autonomous, many Southern Baptists think, “It doesn’t really matter what’s going on at the national level of the SBC as long as my church is doing well.” When you watch, you’ll see why that’s such a dangerous attitude to take. The insidious and sinful concepts of critical race theory, intersectionality, egalitarianism, and other false doctrines have made their way into our SBC seminaries,  where your next pastor is currently being trained, into LifeWay, where your next Sunday school, women’s Bible study, or VBS curriculum is coming from, and into the national leadership of the SBC, which represents us and our denomination to the world.

But even if you’re not Southern Baptist, these concepts are almost certainly slithering in to your denomination or church as well.

Be ready by informing yourself.

Click here to watch By What Standard?.

3 thoughts on “Movie Tuesday: By What Standard?”

  1. This movie (By What Standard) is worth watching no matter what church you attend. If it is in the SBC, it is probably everywhere. We all need to be aware of what critical theory and intersectionality are and why they are wrong.

    Answers in Genesis sent an email earlier this year with a clip from Dr Ware. I don’t know if this link is the same movie, but the title sounds like it could be (I can’t find the original clip). It gives the Biblical answer.


  2. I’ve already watched part of this, Michelle, because it must have been a link from something I was reading. I’m not sure if you have heard of what is going on in the PCA – my denomination – but it is very similar with those same topics you mentioned. I totally agree that we should keep up with what’s going on at the national level. After all, our local level churches support the national denomination and seminaries.

    FYI or for anyone not familiar with what’s going on with the PCA, I’m adding a link to one of many articles that have been written on this. I suggest a website the for other articles.


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