The Word on Wednesdays


Hi ladies! I hope you enjoyed our most recent Bible study, 1&2 Timothy: The Structure and Spirit of the Church, which we wrapped up last week.

I’ll be taking a little break for the next few Wednesdays, getting ready for our new study. I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will edify you as you seek to grow in Christ and His Word. (The picture above does not mean we will be studying James. :0)

So, for the next few Wednesdays, anyone who isn’t quite finished with the 1&2 Timothy study can use that time to finish up, and I’ll also be posting some articles from the archives that I think you’ll find helpful as we make our way toward our next study. Those articles are forthcoming, but first, a little refresher on the way my Bible studies work:

The studies I’ve written are like “training wheels”. They’re designed to teach you how to study the Bible for yourself and what kinds of questions to ask of the text so that, when you get the hang of it, you won’t have to depend on other people’s books and materials – even mine – any more. To that end:

do not make recommendations for Bible study books or materials other than the Bible itself.

I do not provide answers for the study questions in the studies I’ve written.

All of the studies I’ve written are suitable for groups or individuals. You are welcome to use them as a Sunday school or Bible study class curriculum (for free) with proper attribution.

You are also welcome to print out any of my Bible studies (or any article I’ve written) for free and make as many copies as you’d like, again, with proper attribution. I’ve explained more about that in this article (3rd section).

I’m so glad you want to study God’s Word, and I’m excited about our new study that’s coming up. Stay tuned!