A New Addition: Biblical Counseling Resources

If you’ll scroll up to the top of this page, you’ll see a new addition to my resource tabs – the one that says Biblical Counseling Resources.

Often, women write to me needing help with difficult and complex life circumstances. It would be neither ethical nor effective for me to try to assist them via e-mail. They need someone who can sit down with them face to face for the long haul and help them walk through the situation biblically. A good biblical counselor can be a Godsend in situations like these.

So, what is biblical counseling? How can someone find a biblical counselor? Interested in training to become a biblical counselor? It’s all at the new resource tab, but I need your help.

My Searching for a new church? resource tab has been very successful in “matchmaking” readers with doctrinally sound churches, and that has been, in no small part, thanks to your recommendations of good churches. So once again, I’d like to ask for your help – this time, to build a list of recommended biblical counselors.

If your doctrinally sound church offers biblical counseling or you know of a good parachurch biblical counseling ministry you’d like to recommend, please explore the new tab (to see whether it’s already listed) and then add your recommendation to the comments section below.

If you’d like to make a recommendation, please be advised:

•The recommendation must be for a biblical counselor or counseling ministry. Recommendations for Christian counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, etc. will not be accepted.

•The biblical counselor must have been trained and certified by a reputable biblical counseling organization or seminary.

You must include the website of the church, counselor, or counseling ministry you are recommending. Recommendations not including websites will not be considered.

If you know of any biblical counseling certification training programs or doctrinally sound Christian universities or seminaries that offer degree programs in biblical counseling, check to see if yours is listed, and, if not, recommend away!

Thank you for helping me help hurting women get the resources they need.

22 thoughts on “A New Addition: Biblical Counseling Resources”

  1. I thought you’d never ask!

    My longtime friend, Laurena Townsend, is a certified biblical counselor through ACBC. She blogs at TeachSimpleSteps.com and will soon be offering her counseling services through her website. Her Twitter handle is @StepsTeach.


  2. I highly recommend Debi Pryde, Certified Biblical Counselor. Her counseling is very much Bible-centered. She has a website, (A Heart for Women), and has several books on various subjects, such as: “Why Am I Depressed?” “Why Am I Angry”, “Secrets of a Happy Heart”, etc. Debi also has seminars called “Women Counseling Women”, which are an extension of courses she taught at Pacific Baptist Bible College (?) in CA. These are VERY intensive courses for women in ministry which she gives at various Christian camps.


  3. I love this. Thank you Michelle. I have thought of becoming a Biblical Counselor do you know of any schools that do online training and teaching?


  4. RickThomas.net is a great site. Rick has worked with Todd Friel of Wretched.org in producing some of their resources. At the site one has access to articles, podcasts, free forums, “find a counselor” directory, etc.


  5. Faith Biblical Counseling at Faith Church in Lafayette, IN. They have monday counseling available free to the community as well as counseling at all other times available to church members.They also have the Biblical Counseling Training Conference each February, which counts for Track 1 of ACBC training. Additionally, they have an 11 week training that does Track 1 & 2 and then you get to observe counseling in afternoon and evening. Also, their seminary- Faith Bible Seminary has an MDiv program where you graduate w/ an ACBC certification and a Masters in Biblical Counseling. My husband received the MDIV and it was fantastic. Program is recently accredited and is low cost. faithlafayette.org/counseling and faithlafayette.org/seminary

    Our church- Harvest Bible Chapel Des Moines provides biblical counseling to church members. My husband, the pastor, is an ACBC certified counselor and we are working toward getting other men and women certified. Currently, though, our counseling is limited to church members and regular attenders as we are limited on our counseling team right now (we are totally independent and have no ongoing relationship with Harvest Chicago or other related orgs)- Harvestdesmoines.org

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  6. I’d like to recommend KC & Ron at Reigning Peace Ministries in Centennial, Colorado. KC is certified through ACBC and they literally helped save our marriage by actually applying scripture and studying the Bible. Amazing ministry!


    1. Hi Timothy- Thank you so much for the suggestion. Mustard Seed sounds like it could be a very helpful place, but as stated above, this particular resource is for biblical (nouthetic) counselors and counseling organizations only: “The recommendation must be for a biblical counselor or counseling ministry. Recommendations for Christian counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, etc. will not be accepted.” Also see: “What is Biblical Counseling?” above.


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