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From the Archives: Women’s Roles In the Church

I’m still out spending time with my family for a few days.
I hope you’ll enjoy this selection from the archives.

It’s been a while since I finished my Rock Your Role series which examines the main Scriptures often debated in the battle for the biblical role of women in the church. I’m starting to get questions on these topics again, which is great! This is an issue all Christian women need to have a biblical understanding of. So I thought I’d post the links to the articles that answer the questions I’m most commonly asked.

Jill in the Pulpit

“Why can’t women be pastors, teach men, or hold authority over men in the church?”

Are Female Bloggers Violating Scripture by “Teaching” Men?

“You say that women shouldn’t teach men, but what about men who read your blog? Aren’t you teaching them?”

Oh No She Di-int! Priscilla Didn’t Preach, Deborah Didn’t Dominate, and Esther Wasn’t an Egalitarian

“Of course women can preach, because…Esther! Because…Phoebe! Because…the women at Jesus’ tomb!”

Rock Your Role FAQs

Can women share the gospel with men? Teach at Christian schools? Speak at co-ed conferences? Answer questions in a co-ed Sunday School class? And more!

There are other articles in the Rock Your Role series which you may also enjoy. Just click and start scrolling.

1 thought on “From the Archives: Women’s Roles In the Church”

  1. Thanks for your article. Was very helpful. I had a question. We recently moved to a church that has deeper and more sound teaching (praise God). I was surprised yesterday when speaking to another church member that they recently moved from NOT allowing women deacons, to allowing them. I was shocked, because they are so grounded in the Word. She explained that there are definitely no women pastors, and no plans for women teaching men….but they are allowed on the board or something. Is this Biblical?


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