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Movie Tuesday: The Atheist Delusion

It’s Movie Tuesday! Ever heard of atheist Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion? It was Dawkins’ attempt to prove that the concept of God is irrational and even harmful. In today’s movie, The Atheist Delusion, evangelist Ray Comfort of Living Waters, demonstrates how irrational and harmful it is not to believe in God. Ray interviews several atheists, presenting the evidence to help them to see how their beliefs lack a logical foundation. But simply acknowledging the existence of God isn’t enough, and Ray transitions beautifully from apologetics to the gospel, pleading with sinners to trust Christ as Savior.

If you’ve ever been intimidated by the thought of witnessing to an atheist, The Atheist Delusion is a tool that can help equip you. And, if you have friends or loved ones who are atheists, pass this along to them and ask them to watch. It’s a great way to share the gospel.