Wednesday's Word

Your input needed for the next phase of Wednesday’s Word.



If you follow my Wednesday Bible Study on the blog (Wednesday’s Word), you may have noticed that, for the past year or so, I’ve been working my way through every book of the Bible, choosing a chapter from a different book each week.

Believe it or not, there really has been a method to my madness. My purpose was threefold:

  • To make sure readers got a taste of every single book of Scripture in hopes that you would discover a book you’d never given much thought to, and study it.
  • To demonstrate that every single book of Scripture is valuable and worth studying.
  • To encourage readers to delve more into the Old Testament in order to beef up familiarity with the broad overview of Scripture.

We’re just about to finish up this arc of Wednesday’s Word, and, starting June 1, it’s on to something new! We’re going to begin a study of a single book of Scripture, starting at the beginning and working our way through to the end. The only question is, which book will we study? The answer: You tell me!

The guidelines:

I’ve already written studies on Jonah and 1 John.

I’ve already covered all the “one chapter” books (Jude, Philemon, Obadiah, 2&3 John) during the last year of Wednesday’s Word.

I’d like to stay away from Daniel and Revelation for now.

And, if we’re going to do a numbered book (Kings, Timothy, Corinthians, etc.), I’d like to do the first one prior to subsequent ones.

So, let’s hear it. Which book of the Bible would you like to study on Wednesday’s Word? Comment below or head on over to Facebook and comment.