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Throwback Thursday ~ Tru Dat

Originally published September 2, 2013tru dat

“God is not man, that he should lie,” Numbers 23:19

“God, who never lies,” Titus 1:2

“It is impossible for God to lie,” Hebrews 6:18

God tells us in Genesis 1 (and reiterates it elsewhere in Scripture) that He created the world by speaking everything into existence. There’s nothing that exists that came into being apart from His creating it (John 1:3). He created all plant and animal life “according to their kind” on successive days of creation, and He created man separately and in His own image. This does not allow for the (macro) evolutionary idea that bacteria changed into an animal, which changed into another kind of animal, which changed into another kind of animal, which changed into man.

As Christians, we are called to believe God’s word simply by virtue of the fact that He said it. As Christians, we can also believe secular science and history insofar as it supports, or does not conflict with, God’s word. But there’s another good reason to believe God over man:

God doesn’t lie, and He’s never wrong.

Man does lie. Man is frequently wrong.

Which makes more sense, purely from a logical standpoint? To cast your lot with Someone who doesn’t lie and is never wrong, or to cast your lot with someone who does, and is?

God doesn’t lie. When He tells us something in His word, we can trust it, regardless of what man may say to the contrary.

 Today (February 12, 2015) is Question Evolution Day.


“Question Evolution Day has several purposes. One is very basic, to support people who want to say, “I don’t believe in evolution, here are my reasons…” A second is to show people that there is indeed scientific evidence refuting evolution and supporting creation. Third, we hope to prompt people to consider evidence against evolution and supporting creation that they may have not known about before. Another purpose of QED is to equip Christians with resources so they can confidently stand up for the faith.” 

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