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Blog Swap ~ DIY Deodorant


It’s time for another awesome blog swap! Blog swaps give me the opportunity to share other talented bloggers with you, plus offer you fresh content that’s a great supplement to our regular fare here. If you’d like to do a swap, click on the link above for more information.

Today, we’re swapping with Jabelle of Jabelle Beauty Blog. Jabelle is a sweet young lady with a refreshing take on beauty and make up. I’ve really enjoyed reading her cosmetic reviews, and she’s got some great DIY  beauty and craft projects that are so simple even could do them! Jabelle is also breaking into the field of apologetics, which I’m really excited about. We definitely need more godly women out there defending the faith. Be sure to check out her second blog, Documenting Apologetics.


Jabelle has a great project to swap with us: DIY deodorant! It’s very simple, quick, and uses just three ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet.  One of the things I like about her DIY articles is that she helpfully provides plenty of pictures demonstrating each step of the process and what the result is supposed to look like.

Click here to head on over and get started!

Did you try Jabelle’s recipe? What were your results?

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