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In Case You Were Wondering: Will a Believer Who Commits Suicide Still Go to Heaven?


Ladies- if you haven’t joined Satisfaction Through Christ’s Community Group on Facebook, I’d like to encourage you to do so. It’s a great group for Christian women. One of our weekly features is Tough Questions Tuesday. Each week, I answer a tough biblical or spiritual question sent in by one of our readers. From time to time, I’ll be reprinting those questions and answers here under the title, In Case You Were Wondering.


Will a Believer Who Commits Suicide Still Go to Heaven?

Yes. The key word here is “Believer.” People who are genuinely born again Christians spend eternity in Heaven when they die. It is not a particular sin that sends people to Hell, but rather that they die in a state of lostness and unbelief. If you think about it, because sin is so sneaky and pervasive most Christians will have some unconfessed sin in our lives at the moment of our death, whether that sin is suicide, unforgiveness, lust, a lie, or whatever. At the moment of salvation, Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection pays for ALL of a Believer’s sins, from cradle to grave. While we should always strive to repent of any known sin in our lives, we must also trust in God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness towards His children.

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