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sunday school

These are my notes from my ladies’ Sunday School class this morning. I’ll be posting the notes from my class here each week. Click here for last week’s lesson.

Godly Womanhood – The Fall
Genesis 3

3:1-6- Why did Satan approach the woman instead of the man?

1. 1 Peter 3:7

2. Eve was created after Genesis 2:16-17.

3. Women generally tend to be a little more believing about spiritual things than men.

4. Women generally have a greater appreciation for beauty.

5. Satan was playing on her God-given desire to help her husband.

3:6- What was Eve’s response to temptation?

1. She stepped out of her God-assigned role.

2. She believed something that was in conflict with God’s word and acted on it.

3. She failed to fulfill her God-assigned role of helper.

4. She used her power and influence to turn her husband the wrong way.

3:6-9 What was Adam’s response to temptation?

1. Adam failed to fulfill his God-assigned role of leader.

2. Adam gave in to something that was in conflict with God’s word and acted on it. (1 Timothy 2:14)

3:10-24- What were the results of their sin?

1. Shame and guilt (10-11).

2. Blame shifting (12-13).

3. A line was drawn in the sand of redemptive history (14-15).

4. Adam and Eve personally bore the consequences of their sin (16-19, 23)

5. Adam and Eve’s sin has affected every person on earth ever since then (16-24).

6. God gives a foreshadowing of His covering of sin (21).

What lessons can we learn from this passage about being a godly woman?