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Another Book Giveaway and Review!

In addition to the giveaway and interview on Diane Estrella’s blog (now through Nov. 25), Home Educating Family has also posted a very kind book review and a giveaway of a copy of “Jacob” (now through Dec. 8). Head on over and enter to win!

Any review is special to an author, but, as a home schooling mom myself, this one has a little extra shine to it. If you home school your older teen daughter, consider adding “Jacob” to your curriculum as a Bible and/or writing tool. It’s a great study for moms and daughters to work through together. Or introduce “Jacob” to your co-op and work through it as a group!

UPDATE: If you are considering using “Jacob” with teen girls, please see my note to Anna, below, in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Another Book Giveaway and Review!”

    1. Hi Anna- Thanks! I would recommend that you read it through first to make sure it is appropriate for your group of girls. Normally, I do not recommend it for girls who are under 16 because, as you will recall, the story of Jacob deals with marital intimacy in several areas, and there is also the story of the rape of Dinah (at this point in the book, I have included a special section speaking to victims of sexual abuse). I have done my best to handle these issues appropriately, respectfully, and carefully, but these are issues that some parents may not feel their girls are ready for yet. Use wisdom and discernment, and God bless! :0)


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