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Good Friday Freebies

I’m into couponing.  Not pathological couponing like some of the people you see on TV, but enough to do well by my family’s budget.  So on Facebook, I belong to a lot of couponing pages that tell me where the deals are.  They also alert me to free samples and give-aways at various businesses.

Today is Earth Day.  My coupon blogs are letting me know that I could go to this store and get a free re-useable grocery tote.  I could take my favorite LSU coffee cup into that cafe and get a free cup of coffee.  I love getting freebies.

But nowhere in my Newsfeed have I seen anybody giving away any freebies for Good Friday, which also happens to be today.

Well.  That’s about to change.

In honor of Good Friday, I want to tell you about the most amazing freebie you could ever hope to score– it’ll cost you nothing.

You can find it at the foot of the cross.

It’s forgiveness…

And it’s all free.  Paid for with the infinitely invaluable blood of the spotless Lamb of God, Jesus.

But it’s going to cost you everything.

How?  If those things have already been paid for, how could there be a cost?

Because you can’t have everything.  When you get married, you have to turn your back on the single life.  If you decide to become a star athlete, you give up your right to live as a couch potato.

And when you come to Jesus for a new life, the old one has to go.  All of it.  Everything.

Make it a truly Good Friday.  Come to Jesus.  Turn your back on your way of doing things, your sin, what you want, and reach out and accept the gift of cleansing and forgiveness and life He’s offering you.

You’ll never get a better offer.