Blog Swap

Blog Swap

 I have a few Blog Swap slots to fill for November and December. If you’d be interested, please read the information below and drop me an e-mail. I’m especially looking for Thanksgiving and Christmas items (DIY, recipes, crafts, kids’ activities, party ideas, date night suggestions, creative writing, etc.) but other topics would be great, too.


blog swap

Got a blog? How would you like a little more exposure? How about a blog swap?

Sometimes blog hops and link parties can have so many contributors that your blog/article gets lost in the shuffle and you end up reaching fewer people than you’d planned on. With a blog swap, you get 100% of the audience’s focus.

It’s essentially an exchange of guest posts. You post one of my articles (I’ve got nearly 400 to choose from) with a link back to my blog and I’ll post one of yours with a link back to your blog. It’s a win-win for reaching more people. (Quick stats: I’ve got 300+ subscribers here at the blog, 550+ followers on Facebook, and about 30 followers on Google+, and I do link Blog Swap articles to those two social media accounts.)


1. Blog Swaps run as a semi-regular weekly feature on Mondays (the day may change in the future).

2. I’d like for my article to run concurrently on your blog, but if you have a conflict, no problem. You can run it any time the week prior to the Monday your article is scheduled to run here.

3. Send me up to five of your best articles to choose from. You’re welcome to choose any of my articles you like. (Just let me know if you need help/suggestions.) Fair warning-if you’re new, you should know that nearly all of my articles have to do with biblical topics, and all are written from a biblical perspective.

4. Any subject matter is fine as long as neither your article nor your blog in general violate Scripture or scriptural principles. Recipes, crafts, DIY, marriage, home schooling, singles, parenting, book/movie reviews, men’s interest, photo blogging, nutrition, exercise, etc., are all welcome.

5. If you submit articles of a theological or biblical nature, please also include a statement of faith. (It’s fine to link to your denomination’s or church’s statement of faith on their web site and say, “I agree with this.” Click on my “Statement of Faith” tab above for an example.) I cannot publish articles/blogs that I find to be in contradiction to sound doctrine.

6. Got friends with blogs? Please share this around!

Think you’d be interested in doing a blog swap with me? E-mail me at with your name, links to up to 5 articles, a brief description of your blog, and your statement of faith (if applicable).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!