Tuneful Tuesday

Today, I thought I’d share with you some of the music I’ve been listening to lately. Enjoy!

That’s What the Bible Says by The Collingsworth Family
“I don’t need no signs and wonders to know that God is real..” Gotta love it!

Send the Light by Acapeldridge
This is a little different version than I’ve always heard, but I like it!

He Giveth More Grace by The Living Stones Quartet
Like a lullaby for a grownup. Just try to listen without a Kleenex. I dare ya!

I Know that My Redeemer Liveth by George Frideric Handel
Yes, Virginia, there are other songs in The Messiah besides the Hallelujah Chorus, and this is a lovely one.
Step of Faith by First Call
Yes, I was a First Call fan in the 80’s. Don’t judge. :0)

I do not necessarily endorse all of the songwriters or performers listed here, the churches/organizations they represent, any other songs they may have written or performed, or their theology. If you decide to follow any of these people or groups, check out their theology first to make sure it’s biblical.

What are you listening to lately?

13 thoughts on “Tuneful Tuesday”

    1. Darlene Zschesch is called a senior pastor of the church that she and her husband have founded, and she has many very close associations with hillsong church, still. I would go out of my way to prevent anyone buying cd’s or downloads of her music.

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  1. Thanks for the great music, Michelle!
    Esther Mui — Scripture Songs from NKJV and KJV — This is what I listen to pretty much every morning during my devotions.
    CityAlight — our pastor is using a lot of their stuff since we had to go to two services because of the “social distancing” stuff…
    Andrew Peterson — he wrote “Is He Worthy” — the video itself is amazing and he has another one he wrote for his 15th wedding anniversary called “Dancing in the Minefields” and I’m guessing it’s their parents and grandparents that show up in different parts of the video.
    Apart from Esther’s Scripture songs (she does have other worship songs), I also don’t vouch for any other songs these groups play/write, but what I have listened to so far seems to hold true to Scripture.


  2. thank you especially for acapeldridge and the living stones quartet. I had never heard of them. Eldridge is an amazing talent, singing all the harmonies for himself. The way to get a perfect blend! Have you ever had the opportunity to attend a live performance of Messiah? If not, I highly recommend it. What glory to God!


    1. Hi Juanita-

      You’re welcome!

      Not only have I attended performances of The Messiah, I have sung in performances of The Messiah. It is, hands down, the best and most finely crafted piece of music I’ve ever sung.


      1. This is definitely something to watch out for. I don’t listen to Shane & Shane but the impression I’ve gotten from a few things others have told me is that they’ve been generally doctrinally sound (themselves personally, and the lyrics of their songs) up until the last couple of years or so when they started making these connections with heretical/unbiblical music sources.


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