A Word Fitly Spoken Podcast

Introducing: A Word Fitly Spoken – A Podcast by Michelle Lesley and Amy Spreeman

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here!

You know her from Berean Research and Naomi’s Table. You’ve loved her Berean Examiner articles and Pirate Gang Conversations over at Pirate Christian Radio…and today, the lovely, talented, and brilliant Amy Spreeman and I are launching our own podcast, A Word Fitly Spoken.

The title of our podcast comes from Proverbs 25:11:

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.

And that’s what we hope to serve you in each episode – an edifying word fit for the moment, in a pleasant setting, that helps you to grow in Christ. Thank you to one of my Facebook followers, Laura M., for the suggestion!

So pop on over to the A Word Fitly Spoken website, look around, listen to our first episode, and follow us on social media! You can listen and download through our website as well as through Podbean. More podcast platforms are coming, so stay tuned!

How about them apples? :0)

11 thoughts on “Introducing: A Word Fitly Spoken – A Podcast by Michelle Lesley and Amy Spreeman”

  1. Tried to listen to podcast by following link but got message saying nothing matched my search. Are these only available for Apple devices, nonmobile devices, or is my phone being glitchy?


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    1. Hi Susan- I’m so sorry! No, it’s not you. We were having problems with the site earlier this morning, but we’ve got it fixed now. Right now, the only way to listen is through our website. We’ll let everybody know when we’re up on all the various podcast platforms.

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  2. I love everything about this podcast Michelle! Amy has an amazing testimony and it’s somehow gratifying to get to hear your voices. The name is great as well. I will be an avid listener for sure!


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