The Rundown on Project Breakdown


For those of y’all with a keen eye and a good memory, you might remember that, back in January, I announced that what I’m calling “Project Breakdown” would be commencing. Then, a few weeks later, for reasons I can’t go into right now, I had to suspend the project, announcing that I would start it back up at a later date. Well, I’ve been trying to get back to it all summer, but other things kept getting in the way. But finally that “later date” has arrived, so here’s a refresher on what you’re going to see here on the blog until the project is complete.

Basically, Project Breakdown is just blog housekeeping. You might be familiar with volumes 12, and 3 of my article The Mailbag: Do you recommend these teachers/authors? Each article contains a brief write-up on about ten teachers, for a total of nearly thirty.

I’ve decided to break these lists down into a single article for each teacher in order to make things more user friendly for those who need to present information on a certain teacher to a friend or pastor. There are also one or two teachers whose information I’m going to remove from the blog simply because they’re not very well known and nobody is asking about them.

So, until I get this done, you’re going to start seeing articles on false teachers popping up here and there on (most likely) Tuesdays and/or Fridays. You might see the article and think to yourself, “Haven’t I already read this?”. Yes, you probably have. Most of the content will not be new. I’ll essentially be copying and pasting information from the original articles (volumes 1, 2, and 3) to individual posts. However, since some of these write ups are approaching three years old, I’ll be doing a minor “check up” on the content of each and adding/deleting/updating anything I feel is necessary.

Prior to suspending Project Breakdown, I was able to complete articles on Jennifer Kennedy DeanLisa Harper, and Karen Kingsbury.

Due to Lisa Harper’s growing popularity, I have already had to go back and update the article on her, so I would encourage you to re-read it, especially if your church is considering using her materials (which I would strongly caution against). I have also written up an in depth critique of the first session of her study, Job: A Story of Unlikely Joy, and linked the critique to that article.

I hope you’ll find this little project of mine to be helpful as you research various teachers. It’s my plan to add some new articles on teachers to avoid either during or after this project.

3 thoughts on “The Rundown on Project Breakdown”

  1. Thank you for the time and energy you’ve spent in this important area.
    Years ago, I helped with Beth Moore LPL events in my area. Thankfully the Lord
    lead me away from her teaching and into biblical understanding of God’s scripture.
    I was brought into that sort of Bible study by a friend who was a women’s leader here
    in my community.

    I regret the time I invested in studies that were not profitable to my spirit and that did
    not glorify God. I’m grateful for God’s discernment in all areas but especially in
    this area. Thanks agsin.

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