Broken Link Update

Just a quick little note of update…

Remember this? Y’all have been so helpful in letting me know where all my broken links are. Please keep letting me know when you come across one.

I’ve been making my way around the blog fixing those pesky broken links. As of today, all of the links at all of the tabs at the top of the blog are fixed, including each lesson of every Bible study, and all of the articles under the “Popular False Teachers” tab.

I’ve also fixed the articles that get used the most often, including all of the articles in my Rock Your Role series, my Basic Training series, and a couple of discernment articles.

If there’s a particular article of mine that you use often or one you were wanting to share (but were waiting for the links to get fixed), please let me know, and I’ll move those to the top of the “fix it list”.

Don’t forget – if you click on a link and see this error message:

all you have to do is go up to your browser bar and delete the word “books” in the web address (so it says MichelleLesley.com/blahblahblah instead of MichelleLesleyBooks.com/blahblahblah) and it’ll take you right where you want to go.

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