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Movie Tuesday: The Bible vs. Joseph Smith


“In this unique documentary, produced entirely in Israel, a Christian and a Mormon sit down to dialogue about one of the most important questions of faith: How do we know if a prophet is speaking the truth? Listen in on their fascinating discussion and follow along as they travel throughout the Holy Land in search of the facts. They will put Biblical prophets and Mormon prophets to the test in order to find out if their predictions actually took place in history. If even one prediction fails to come true, then that prophet fails the test!”

First John 4:1 says, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” How do Mormonism’s prophecies stack up to the Bible’s prophecies? Watch as both are put to the test and find out!

10 thoughts on “Movie Tuesday: The Bible vs. Joseph Smith”

  1. Wow! This was very eye opening. To see things tested in such a manner, I don’t see how any Mormon that sees this could possibly deny the evidence against the Book of Mormon. I hope that Greg will have the veil removed from his eyes and see how false Mormonism is. Thanks for sharing Michelle!


  2. Great documentary! I was practically squirming for the guy as I watched his faith come crashing down around him in front of the camera. My prayer for him is that he comes to the revelation of the true Gospel of Christ.


  3. Shortly after my husband came to Christ, a friend of his tried to get him into Mormonism. Thankfully, my husband easily saw that Mormonism contradicts God’s Word! 50 years later, he still feels a despite for his friend to be delivered from Mormonism. So I knew he’d be interested in this movie.

    Both of us were absolutely fascinated by the movie! John asked me to thank you for posting it. Now he’s inspired to reestablish contact with hs friend so he can share this video with him.


  4. Wow! I want to just say that this can be a great witnessing tool!! And I don’t mean just to share with someone who is a Mormon – I mean it’s also for a much wider audience than that, because it speaks in a calm, kind, non-attacking and loving way about the archaeological evidence and the prophetical evidence for the Bible being truly God’s Word. Anyone who does not believe Jesus is the Messiah and the Only Way would benefit from watching this. And even those who are believers would benefit, because they may not be aware of all this evidence.


  5. Thank you for sharing this video. I live in Boise, ID, which has a large population of Mormons. This video clearly and neatly lays out how Mormon teaching is wrong and contrary to Scripture. I also appreciated the way in which the errors of Mormonism were pointed out—with care and compassion for someone who is deceived. I learned a great deal in watching it, both in terms of what Mormonism teaches and how to present this information in a loving way. I shared this video with some ladies who moved to Boise as part of a church plant.


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