Biblical Resources on Pornography

Pornography is a serious sin, and one that increasingly affects Christian families. Ladies, if you, your husband, or your child are viewing pornography, it’s time to stop, repent, and flee from that sin. If you need help and support, set up an appointment with your pastor for counseling, even if you are the only one who will go. Here are some additional biblical resources which may help:

Vicki Tiede– Author of “When Your Husband is Addicted to Porn” and other resources. (Use discernment. I’ve listened to one interview with Vicki, and she seemed to be doctrinally sound, but otherwise, I’m not very familiar with her or her resources.)

How to Stop Looking at Porn from When We Understand the Text

When We Understand the Text Q&A on Pornography (23:13 mark) with Gabriel Hughes

Hey, Porn Addict: Stop It by Gabriel Hughes

What Does the Bible Say About Pornography? at Got Questions

Dealing with Private Sins by John MacArthur

Pornography episodes and Resources from Wretched Radio

God Over Porn

Should Christian Couples Watch Pornography Together?

Covenant Eyes: Internet Accountability and Filtering

Support Groups Have No Place in the Church at No Compromise Radio
(Not specifically about pornography, but important points to consider if you’re thinking about a church support group or accountability partner related to pornography usage.)

4 thoughts on “Biblical Resources on Pornography”

  1. Please do not use Vicki Tiede’s book !! There are other Biblical sound teachers that have good books on this subject. An Affair of the Mind is an old, but very good resource. Also Your Sexually Addicted Spouse by Sheri Keffer & Worthy of Her Trust are both biblical & helpful especially Dr. Keffer in regards for the wife to get help w/trauma & healing she needs.


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