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The Mailbag: Attending a Homosexual “Wedding”?



“Should a Christian attend the wedding of a homosexual friend or loved one?”

Matt Moore, a Christian who was saved out of the homosexual lifestyle, does a beautiful job in this article of answering this question by first examining the two reasons Christians typically give for attending such weddings.

I would echo his responses to both of those reasons and agree with his answer that, no, Christians should not attend homosexual weddings. Attending a wedding implies that a person is in favor of the union, and no matter how much we love the person, Christ calls us to love Him more and not participate in or give approval to sin.

Speaking of lost people who approve of the sin of others, Romans 1:32 says:

“Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.”

If it is an abomination to God for sinners to give approval to the sins of others, how much more abominable is it in His sight for Christians to give approval to the sins of others?

I love this quote from Matt’s article:

“Yes, God is love. Yes, God is merciful and gracious. But God’s love, mercy and grace are saturated in holiness and that is why his Son was mutilated on a Roman cross for our sins. God hates sin. If we want our lives to show unbelievers the true character of our loving and holy God, we must be people who set ourselves apart from the evils of this world. And a gay marriage ceremony is a celebratory glorification of blatant evil. A Christian abstaining from a loved one’s ceremony would give witness to the holiness of God – a characteristic of His which most are failing to believe still exists.”

Additional Resource:

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