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Blog Swap ~ “Women of the Word”- A Book Review

blog swap

It’s time for another awesome blog swap! Blog swaps give me the opportunity to share other talented bloggers with you, plus offer you fresh content that’s a great supplement to our regular fare here. If you’d like to do a swap, click on the link above for more information.

Today, I’m excited to be swapping with a new blogger, Michele, of Living Our Days. Michele is a wife, mom, and grandmother. When she’s not home schooling or working in her garden, she is reading tons – and I mean tons – of books, which she writes helpful reviews of. Living Our Days also includes a great variety of Michele’s poetry, Christian Living articles, and helpful material for her ladies’ Sunday School class, which is currently studying the book of Nehemiah.

I was so glad to read Michele’s insightful review of Jen Wilkins’ excellent book, Women of the WordI have recommended it many times to women who long to rightly divide God’s word but aren’t quite sure how to do so.


“I can’t recall the last time I devoured a book in one evening, but that’s what happened with Women of the Word. I’m sure the reason is Jen Wilkin’s laser focus on the topics that (after my family) are most important to me — knowing the Bible and teaching the Bible. I found the book to be immediately relevant and useful, not only in my teaching ministry, but also in my personal study.”

Want to learn how to be a better student of God’s word? Hop on over to Living Our Days and check out Michele’s article, Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin: A Book Review, and then head over to Amazon and get yourself a copy!

Have you read Women of the Word?
What did you think of it?

Blog Swap Disclaimer: Christian bloggers who participate in Blog Swaps have submitted an acceptable statement of faith to me. Although I do my best to thoroughly vet the theology of the bloggers I swap with, it is always possible for things to slip through the cracks. Please make sure any blogger you follow, including me, rightly and faithfully handles God’s word and holds to sound biblical doctrine.

6 thoughts on “Blog Swap ~ “Women of the Word”- A Book Review”

  1. The women’s ministry at my church is starting the study Living Hope a study through 1 Peter by Jen Wilkin. In the forward she listed The Message Bible as being acceptable to use as a commentary. I also found an article on her blog titled the next beth moore in which she praises Beth Moore as a wonderful Bible teacher. I have found nothing but positive reviews about her and her teaching so these things surprised me. Should I be at all concerned about this? I feel like women are likely to trust her endorsement of Beth Moore and The Message Bible due to the fact that she is known for solid teaching. Am I being too critical?


    1. Hi Wendy-

      No, you’re not being critical, you’re being discerning, which is always right and proper for Christians. Someone else recently asked me about Jen Wilkin, and I came across the same article about Beth Moore on her blog that you mentioned. Now, my hope would be that in the 2 1/2 years since she wrote that article, she has learned more about Beth Moore and rethought her support of her, even as in the nine months since I published this article, I have learned more about Jen Wilkin and rethought my support of her. However, I don’t know whether or not that’s the case.

      It is right to be concerned about someone who praises a false teacher such as Beth Moore, thinks using The Message as a part of serious Bible study is acceptable (especially when she literally wrote the book on how to study the Bible), and has also written things that raise concerns that she believes only the office of pastor is restricted to men (That would still leave the door open for women teaching men the Bible in church in non-pastoral roles and women holding other positions of authority over men in the church, both of which are prohibited by Scripture. I do not know for certain that this is an accurate assessment of her position, but, since several people have brought this to my attention, I would say it is something to keep an eye out for.)

      Unfortunately, these things have caused me to move Jen from my “green light” list of teachers/pastors/authors to my “yellow light” list. I do not believe she is a false teacher at this point, but I am watching her trajectory. I’m not actively recommending her, but I’m not warning people away from her either. I would say the wisest way to approach Jen Wilkins’ materials right now is “proceed with caution” or, if these red flags make you uncomfortable, find a different author you’re more comfortable with.

      If you decide to participate in the study and have the time, I would very much like to hear your thoughts on the book, especially if you find anything that conflicts with Scripture. You can drop me an e-mail any time at


      1. Thank you. I wasn’t even aware of her view on women holding authority. I do plan to participate in the study. That way I can share my concerns about the Message Bible and anything else that might come up. Many of the women are big fans of Jen Wilkin so I hope that there’s nothing unbiblical in the study. Warning them about Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and Sarah Young hasn’t exactly won me any votes for most popular. I can’t imagine how they would feel if I had to warn them about Jen Wilkin. I will definitely share my thoughts with you afterward.


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