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Open Hearts in a Closed World Online Women’s Conference Session Videos

Did you get a chance to “attend” the Open Hearts in a Closed World online women’s conference this week? If you forgot about it, didn’t know about it, or missed a session or two, here are all the teaching and breakout sessions. (Any questions about the conference? Please contact the conference organizers here.)

Monday, July 13
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Brooke Bartz- What Is Service?
Breakout Session: Danielle Stringer – Lettering Art

Watch on Facebook     ~     Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2


Tuesday, July 14
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Susan Heck-
5 Truths Which Must Be Remembered When Using One’s Spiritual Gifts
Breakout Session: Jasmin Davis-
Decorating on a Budget

Watch on Facebook     ~     Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2


Wednesday, July 15
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Penny Amack-
Serving God From, and In, the Home
Breakout Session: Jess Owinyo- Bullet Journaling

Watch on Facebook     ~     Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2


Thursday, July 16
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Erin Coates-
Service and Sound Doctrine
Breakout Session: Karie Rodgers- Hospitality

Watch on Facebook     ~     Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2


Friday, July 17
Worship: CityAlight
Teaching Session: Michelle Lesley-
Servanthood vs. Celebrity
Closing Session: Brooke Bartz

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Watch on Instagram (IGTV) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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