What I’m Listening To (the one with the music)


Most of the time, if I’m listening to something, I’m listening to podcasts. (If you want to check out the ones I like, look to your left under “Blogs and Podcasts I Follow”.)

But when I run, I sometimes listen to music. Most of my “Running Music” playlist is up tempo Southern Gospel. I happen to like Southern Gospel music. I like multi-part harmony and antiphonal songs. I like actual singing (as opposed to the breathy moaning so popular in vocal music today). And I like the fact that I can pick just about any Southern Gospel song at random and know I’m going to hear clear and specific references to Jesus, the cross, sin, repentance, the Bible, and Heaven. None of these veiled allusions to something that might be biblical. Nothing that could be confused for a love song to the lyricist’s girlfriend. I like my gospel unmistakable.

I also choose Southern Gospel because it’s easy to find up tempo songs. I tend to match my running pace to the beat of the music, so slow songs aren’t going to cut it. I’ve tried finding upbeat, doctrinally sound contemporary worship songs with little success.

So here are a few favorites I run to. What are you listening to these days?

He Made A Change


Goodbye World, Goodbye


Hallelujah, I’m Going Home


I Believe It All


Can He, Could He, Would He?

7 thoughts on “What I’m Listening To (the one with the music)”

  1. OH MY WORD! I’m not kidding, everything I read from you makes me love you more. I wish we were best friends. I love these songs and the fact that Southern Gospel is your go-to just makes me so happy.


  2. Michelle, do you and your husband have any other genres you enjoy? He is a music director, isn’t he? I’m thankful for Common Grace bestowed on many talented musicians we have to choose from. I was recently doing some searching online of acapella groups – a lot of young people are doing this! Haven’t listened to much of Southern Gospel music myself.


    1. Yes, he is. There are lots of genres of music we both enjoy. When he is on staff at a church, he usually selects a blend of hymns and doctrinally sound contemporary worship songs. (I just can’t run to worship songs because they’re all slow.)

      I really enjoy a capella music. I’ll have to look into that! :0)


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