Retraction: Sorry, y’all – I made a mistake


Oops. I goofed, messed up, wrote something amiss, erred, and made a mistake. My bad.

In yesterday’s edition of The Mailbag- The Mailbag: Children’s Bible Recommendations, I recommended the NIV/NIrV Adventure Bible. I am now retracting that recommendation (as well as my recommendation of any other NIV/NIrV Bible) due to gender neutral/inclusive language in current editions of this translation. Click the hyperlink above and scroll to the end of the article for a more detailed explanation. I have also updated my article: The Mailbag: Which Bible Do You Recommend accordingly.

I do, sincerely, apologize and hope I haven’t caused any of y’all any alarm, confusion, or inconvenience. Big thank yous to Julie, a reader who caught the error and kindly brought it to my attention.

1 thought on “Retraction: Sorry, y’all – I made a mistake”

  1. Michelle – Thank you for your notification and correction. When I read your article I kept sensing that I knew there was something amiss concerning the versions you have since corrected. I didn’t have the time to go into my files but thank you for telling others and warning them.
    I have two precious little granddaughters and I am praying that God will awaken them to the truth despite all other family members attempting to thwart the work of God in their lives.
    I’m gathering books and Bibles to have for “their shelf” for the few times they visit me. Praying for all parents and grandparents as we pray for our precious ones that God has so graciously blessed us with.

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