Encouragement, Testimony Tuesday

It’s Testimony Tuesday!


Could you use some encouragement these days? I sure can. Here are some testimonies readers have recently sent in and left in blog and social media comments testifying to the goodness of God and proclaiming His work in their lives. Let’s celebrate God’s good deeds together!

From a reader commenting on Do You MIND?: Five Reasons for Pastors to Mind What Their Brides Are Reading:

I was that gal! I read bad theology for years, led ten women astray for approx. 10 years. I was not grounded in Gods word, like many in the church today. It grieves my heart the pain I’ve caused from NOT accurately handling the word of God. Like so many I just didn’t know any better. Much what I believed was deemed o.k. even by leadership. After a Mike Bickle weekend at IHOP I happened to carelessly leave my pastors mind bridesbook on the kitchen table. This was a book written by Wendy Alec, from God T.V. (premises of this book as I cannot remember the title) was about her many visitations from God while they sat over tea for I believe a course of ten days. My husband found the book and read the back. Praise God this was the day which changed everything for us. He realized he had been an absent husband and I was far off down stream drinking the poisoned water from these wells of false gospels and heretical teachers. Long story short my husband helped me see the truth. It has been a long, painful ten years but now I check everything and everyone’s teaching against Gods word. Only by Gods grace we now teach against such things(not very popular I must admit) But We cannot go backwards once the truth has been made known!

From a Facebook follower:

One thing I can say I have honestly been convicted on as a young mother is Eph. 6:1..and in a way more for myself than my children..My motivation for their obedience shouldn’t be from a prideful standpoint of “I’m your mother and you should listen to me. End of story.” But from a place of “my dear child, I want you to obey because that is what the Lord commands of you to do. And we respect the authorities He places over us in our life, because in doing that we respect and please Him.” This simple change in the way I look at obedience has changed my responses to my children as well as my general heart toward them. I am no longer frustrated when they don’t listen as much as I am grieved and take that opportunity to exhibit grace and teach them the proper way of obedience.

Ladies, God is still at work in the hearts and lives of His people, including yours! Would you like to share a testimony of how God saved you, how He has blessed you, convicted you, taught you something from His word, brought you out from under false doctrine, placed you in a good church or done something otherwise awesome in your life? Private/direct message me on social media, e-mail me (MichelleLesley1@yahoo.com), or comment below. Try to be brief (3-4 paragraphs or less) if possible. I’ll select a few to share on the blog another time. Let’s encourage one another with God’s work in our lives!

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